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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where Did All This Junk Come From??

We started moving shortly before 9am this morning and at 5pm, we gave up! Everything is out of the new sewing room and literally piled into the old sewing room, awaiting its new home. The shelving units Michael's Dad Nat built for us when we moved into this house are heavy! And most of them had to go to the old sewing room.

Late this afternoon we got the carpet rug down in the new room and the furniture arranged like I want it. I spoke with the Fed Ex driver today who assures me my new toy will arrive late Friday afternoon. Fed Ex Ground and Fed Ex Freight really don't know where Montana is and if you live out in the country, forget it, they will turn your packages over to the US Postal Service or some smaller freight carrier. This delays deliveries and you definitely don't get what you pay for when paying for Fed Ex! I used Nat's address in town for delivery so maybe the guy is right and I will get to bring my new longarm quilting machine home tomorrow.

Nat came up and had lunch with us today, I fixed him steaks on the grill and fresh corn on the cob. I even made him his favorite cookies, oatmeal/pecan/chocolate chip. He made some smart crack about he hadn't tasted them in so long he couldn't remember if they were good or not. I reminded him that he needed me next week as a chauffeur for his cataract surgery!

It warmed up considerably today! And WIND again!

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