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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Billings Was HOT

The weather man said a record was broken in Billings today--it was 103 degrees and the record for today was 98. Nat is an extremely cold natured man and even he said it was HOT today. We left Big Timber about 9:30am this morning and started out at Target in Billings. Nat declined to accompany me into the store so I hurried and did my errands so he wouldn't cook sitting in the truck. Then we went to mine and Michael's favorite Billing's restaurant for lunch, CJ's.

We arrived at the physician's office and began the usual mountains of paperwork which was even worse today due to the fact the hospital is working the kinks out of a new registration system. I am a nurse and have worked in health care almost all my adult life before retiring last year and I have absolutely NO patience with hospitals and health care workers, physicians included who spout excuses for poor customer service. Today was no different than usual. We finally left Billings around 3pm.

After dropping Nat off at his house, I saw a sign in Big Timber advertising peaches for sale. Peaches in Montana are not like peaches in the south where I grew up but I thought I would at least look. These peaches came from Oregon and were soft and actually smelled like peaches. When I cut some up for dessert, they even taste like peaches! I will share with my daughter-in-law, LoraLee who loves peaches.

Michael and Jazz worked hard today over on the Twelve Springs Ranch where Michael's son works.

Off to Billings tomorrow again for the cataract surgery--let's hope it is cooler!

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