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Sunday, August 10, 2008

An Evening With Friends

Yesterday Michael got the metal placed on one whole side of the garage roof. I went out and helped him with a few sheets of tin. He worked way too hard and now he has a back ache but is back out there today.

I worked on the dog bed for Jazzy but it has a few design flaws and I need to work on that.

Last night we went to the home of our neighbors, Geoff and Nancy. They bought the home of our good friends Jill and Terry and just love being in Montana. Part of their home is an original log cabin probably built in the late 1800's. Terry added rooms and made all of the house look as if it had been there for decades. It sits on the East Boulder River and their deck is just such a beautiful place to be. We had a wonderful time--our neighbors George and Shirley were also there and we enjoyed catching up on their travels--they had been gone for the last month to their condo on northern Vancouver Island. It was a great evening!

Today I am off to Encampment, WY for a visit with my Mom. On the way I am stopping in Powell, WY to spend tonight with my dear friend Jane and her husband Rich. We became such good friends while I lived and worked there before marrying Michael. We don't see as much of each other as I wish we could. I will spend 2 days with Mom and stop in some quilt stores along the way to Encampment. So--no blog posts probably until Thursday--see you when I get back!

This is a photo of our granddaughter Kristen barrel racing on a stud horse belonging to her Mom, Shannen. We all tease her for making a boy horse wear pink rigging but Kristen says "good guys can wear pink." Kristen is only 8 years old and has all ready won many buckles and ribbons for her rodeoing. I think she, like her Mom was born on the back of a horse!

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  1. eight years old Huh?

    We were at a 'rodeo' in Pleasant Grove this past week... Ummmm... the horsemanship was apparently left home!... Looking at that picture of Kristen on a stud horse makes me feel better... that lil' kid has that horse bending 'round that barrel just like she should! Sweet!


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