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Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Very Early Morning

The crack of dawn arrived way after we had been up this morning. I rolled out of bed around 4:30am so we could be in Billings by 8:30. I'm getting set in my ways since retiring--I don't like to get up early and if I have to get up early I am giving myself time to have coffee and read the paper.

In a nutshell, the doctors I saw today still don't know what is wrong with my mouth and hands. The vampires drew lots of blood after THREE sticks which has never happened before. One doctor biopsied my finger and that is a big ouch! So we shall see when all the results are back.

It was HOT in Billings today, 98 degrees. We had a nice lunch at our favorite restaurant, CJ's and then we started on the errands. I want to make Jazzy a bed that will fit the top of the antique trunk that sits at the foot of our bed. She wiggles too much to continue to let her sleep with us and since her last winter illness, she does not seem to like to be snuggled into her regular bed that has always sat on the trunk. So, I bought a foam pad and some fleece to make a bed and if she knows what's good for her she will use it or else it's the dreaded kennel which she and Michael hate!

A stop at Target and then on to Costco for lots and lots of groceries. We made good time shopping and were back in Big Timber by 4pm. Jazzy spent the day with Nat and was glad to see us.

As I write this we are getting lightening and thunder and a little rain--hope it keeps on raining.

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