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Friday, August 1, 2008

Jill's Birthday Party

Early yesterday morning, I got up on the roof of the new garage and helped Michael put the tar paper down. Our garage is now dry and we have ordered the roofing materials which should be here by next Tuesday. I was so excited, I went and got the truck and parked it inside the garage.

Yesterday was our friend Jill's birthday and she and her husband Terry's 32nd wedding anniversary. We invited them to have dinner with us here at home along with friends Jeane and Steve. I spent the day leisurely getting ready and cooking. I love to entertain and it seems to be even more fun now that I have so much retirement time! In the afternoon, we took the motorcycle into town, I wanted some limeade to make margaritas but of course our "wonderful" Big Timber grocery store had no limeade. I attempted to make my own with just lime juice but the margaritas didn't turn out well at all! I use a recipe given to me by a lady Michael used to work for, the margaritas have buttermilk in them--yes, buttermilk and anyone that has ever had one loves them! Our friends arrived about 7pm and we had a wonderful evening. Michael and I were married in the home of Jill and Terry and we have traveled far and wide with them--they visited us in Mexico this past winter while we were renting the house in Alamos. Steve and Jeane were some of the first people I met when I moved here with Michael--they have been friends of Michael's forever and Jeane bought my half of the store, Cinnabar Creek, from me many years ago. Jeane, Jill and I along with other friends hiked into the bottom of the Grand Canyon several years ago.

We have been invaded by a huge infestation of mosquitoes. In the time I have been living here, almost 14 years, we have never had mosquitoes like this. Makes being outside very unpleasant!

Our Vancouver Island friends, Jeanine and Garnet called this morning and they are in Sturgis, South Dakota on their motorcycle and will be arriving here at our house tomorrow evening. It will be great fun to see them. I got busy and cleaned the RV so they can stay out in it and their friend that is traveling with them can use our guest room. Michael was even motivated by my cleaning frenzy and emptied out the storage bay in the RV and cleaned it.

We are going to head into town, this week is the Sweet Grass County fair and I like to look at the exhibits such as the quilts.

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