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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Weather Is Changing

I've been a little under the weather or should I say a lot under the weather--thus no blog yesterday. I spent most of yesterday in bed only getting up to drink ginger ale.

In the afternoon, Fed Ex delivered my new longarm quilting machine to Nat's in town and Michael went in and picked it up. I couldn't even get excited about it I felt so bad. We did manage to get it unloaded off the trailer and into the room downstairs. Gosh, it's big!!!

Today, not feeling a whole lot better and Michael is not totally up to par either, we started putting the machine together and had it done in less than 3 hours. Some of the other APQS machine owners had told me if my husband had any kind of technical background, it would be a piece of cake. Well, I and the rest of the folks that know Michael, know he can literally do anything!!

I spent some time this afternoon reading and re-reading the manual and maybe tomorrow I will try her out! I also managed to get a little order to the chaos brought on by moving out of a huge storage room into a small storage room. I least I can now find the groceries--Michael was glad to hear that!

It has been hot the last 3 days but as I write this, the wind is howling and the temperature is dropping. I think the high on Monday is supposed to be in the upper 40's!! Glad we didn't go camping!

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