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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Such A Pleasant Day

It was a beautiful Montana day today, not very hot, sunny and pleasant. Later in the day the wind picked up which doesn't bode well for the forest fires around. Montana has several fires burning at this time, even one in Yellowstone Park. The largest fire this year so far is near Red Lodge, a small ski resort town about 40 miles from us as the crow flies over the mountains--yesterday the firefighters were even getting a handle on it but with this wind today, who knows. There is also a small fire that lightening started about 6 crow flying miles from us. We could see smoke and a red glow from it over the weekend--let's hope the wind doesn't send it this direction!!

Jazzy girl has an upset tummy and kept me up and down ALL night long so I have been a zombie today. I did take a long nap this afternoon and am feeling sort of normal again.

I got the laundry caught up and Michael worked on the garage. His daughter Shannen, our granddaughter Kristen and a friend of theirs arrived this morning about 9am to pick up a load of round bale hay. We have little use for the hay, only two very fat horses and Shannen has a herd of horses to feed so we usually donate to her cause. Shannen is a school teacher near Billings.

Not a very busy day but a beautiful one.

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