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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Moving Frenzy

Oh, my! Since I got word yesterday that my longarm quilting machine shipped I have been in a moving frenzy! Michael left early to go to Whispering Pines, a summer cabin neighborhood near us to do a small job and I started moving. I managed to get one of the huge shelving units moved from one room to the other with the help of a piano dolly only breaking one light bulb along the way. But by lunch time, my back was killing me!

I settled in for some lunch and decided to call Dell to help me install the new keyboard they shipped me. I got a new laptop in May and recently the shift key and the tab key stopped working. Kind of hard to type without a shift key. Dell ships the new keyboard to you then you call them and they walk you through installing it. I was successful and told the technical support guy from India that I wanted a job.

After lunch I moved some more and Michael got home about 3:30 and started helping me. We managed to get the huge storage cabinet that belonged to his mother moved from the old sewing room to the new--that was the piece I was dreading the most!

My Mom called today and had spoken with my quilting Aunt Margaret. She makes exquisite quilts and told my Mom that she had lots she could send me to quilt. The idea is kind of daunting--do I want to use Aunt Marg as my guinea pig?? Well, come to find out, she will send me some patchwork type quilts she has made to use up scraps of fabric--OK, I can handle that!

We had leftover ribs for dinner with fresh corn on the cob--YUM! Another cool, fall like day in Montana.

A young eagle, I think, that we saw on our walk this morning.

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  1. Suck it up girl, Mike has real work to do and any pioneer woman can move without help from the old man. Bird pic looks like a guilded-pin-tailed, deadwood landing, turkey.
    Funny what, and who, you can find on the internet when you're bored.
    Dave Moore (surfing instead of working)


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