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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Motorcycle Riding and Meeting A New Friend

It was another why we live in Montana kind of day and we decided to take a motorcycle ride. We have been reading a blog written by "Froggi" Donna recommended to us by our friends Jim and Ellie and JoAnn and Doug. Donna is a single woman fulltime traveling in a Class C RV pulling a toad. She is work-kamping in White Sulphur Springs, Montana which is about 90 miles from here and White Sulphur Springs is located on one of the motorcycle loop rides we take frequently. So, we decided to stop and introduce ourselves--she is a delight and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit with her. If you have been reading her blog, you know that she met a gentleman at the Escapee's Rally in Gillette, WY--well, things have progressed and we wish the two of them the absolute best.

On the way to White Sulphur Springs, I felt Michael suddenly let off the throttle and then he started snatching at his right sleeve trying to get the cuff unsnapped all while trying to control the motorcycle--a bee had gone up his sleeve and was stinging him--OUCH! After lunch the same thing happened again only inches from the original sting--OUCH, again! After that, he put his gloves on and pulled them snug around his shirt cuffs.

We had a great lunch which included a heart stopping burger and a milkshake made with real Montana Wilcoxson's ice cream and then it was on toward home where one little Schnauzer was glad to see us!

My Mom called and is feeling much better which is a relief to me and I am also feeling better. All my tests were normal and the doctors are treating me like the vets treated Jazz last winter--don't know what is wrong with you but here are some pills and the pills are helping!

These are some more photos taken on the A Bar A Ranch. This barn was built in the late 1800's and is still in use.
Another of those fabulous bronzes located on the ranch. Mom arrived at this ranch in late May and said this little creek was so full of water that you could not see this little guy's fish--it was underwater. See the fish in the lower right corner of the photo?
The Round House where guests gather for happy hour and after dinner drinks. The ranch frequently has live music here. There is a huge round fireplace in the center of the room and beautiful, comfortable tables and chairs everywhere.

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  1. I'm happy you're feeling better, you mom is feeling better, that Jazz is feeling better, and that you got to meet Froggi Donna! She is a very special lady, as you are, so it's only right you should know each other.

    Your pictures are beautiful, that guest ranch is pretty amazing.

    Hope Michael is ok after the bee stings!

    Take care and big hugs,


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