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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winter Wonderland and A Happy Quilter

It’s cold, mighty cold—5 degrees above zero as I type this blog—that’s cold!!  We received more snow overnight and at these temps there’s not much melting going on!


Cleaning house was my agenda today and working inside where it was warm was on Michael’s agenda!

But after lunch we ventured out and at one point I thought the jeep was going into the Boulder River!!  We have to make a sharp turn across the bridge, we weren’t going very fast at all but when we went to make the sharp turn the jeep began to slide.  And slide and slide—the concrete bridge barriers were approaching a little too rapidly for me, I was clutching the door handle and emitting little “oh, oh, oh’s!!”  About a foot from the concrete we came to a stop, put the jeep in four wheel drive and backed back onto the road.  Alrighty then!!!

We were heading up the Boulder to Mary’s—she needed help with the final assembly of the new to her Liberty longarm quilting machine she recently purchased.   A few hours after our arrival we had Mary happily quilting away—a few minutes later we were drinking some mighty fine wine in Ron and Mary’s cozy little cabin.


Just as I walked in the door the phone rang, it was our neighbor and friend Roger—seems some hunters on his land wounded a deer and the deer came across onto our land.  The hunters did not come onto our land—instead they sought the help of Roger—those are the hunters we like!!!  Roger was calling to see if he could bring the hunters up and help them retrieve their deer—absolutely!! 

We are now relaxing, browsing the internet, eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate—warming up!!  The heaters in jeeps at 5 above don’t seem to work well!!  Smile



  1. Yikes-that is cold and apparently a bit dangerous.

  2. Gorgeous pics...but I don't like driving in it!! I was holding my breath with your Jeep story!! YIKES!
    Lucky, Mary!! She does look like one happy Quilter!!

  3. just a wee bit cold in your neighbourhood, Janna!..glad you are safe and warm inside!

  4. Those wintry scenes give me the shivers. I DO NOT look forward to snow & ice, even though we need any kind of moisture we can get. I always look at the Weatherbug app on your blog & know we'll be getting the same in a day or two. Brrrrr.

  5. Hi Janna,
    I just learned of you and your blog today from Rollie. We will be one of your neighbors in Aransas Pass. He was talking to my husband who told him he fished and I quilted. Rollie told him he had to talk to me, of course telling me about you and your "traveling longarm".We have a few other quilters in the park. The pictures of your quilting are beautiful along with the magnificient scenery pictures. I will be anxiously awaiting your arrival so we can get acquainted.
    Judy McReynolds

  6. I've had a few of those butt clenching moments. It's a bit of a helpless feeling when you're sliding towards an immovable object, and there's little to be done.
    Very smart of the hunters to ask permission. I've never had to go onto anyone's property any more than handful of times, but nobody has ever said "no" when asked.

  7. Another day - with its twists and turns - in Montana. Yea for four wheel drive!

  8. I think I've forgotten how to even drive in snow after four years away from it. Yippee. And I've been complaining about how cold it is here (in the 40's at night). Not sure I could even survive back in Montana again. But I am so glad you didn't hit the barriers or the river. Way too close for my old heart. Those are definitely good hunters. Hope they found their deer.

  9. Beautiful snow pics, Janna. Sure glad you guys didn't end up in the Boulder River even though it would have made for a fantastical blog!!!


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