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Friday, November 2, 2012

Nothing Blog Worthy

IMG_5199Sun hitting the West Boulder mountains this morning.

Not a lot going on around here today, ripping out quilting I stitched yesterday, taking walks, playing basketball with Ms. Emmi.  We did get some more fabric and assorted other quilting items sorted and listed for sale on a Yahoo group I belong to.  We will see if we get any interest. 

And that’s it for our day in Montana. 

And Rene, Michael doesn’t split wood by hand, he uses his mini-excavator—he can’t claim double exercise or any therapeutic benefits!  Our house has electric heat and hot water heat in the floors.  We just like to use the wood. 

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  1. I beg to have lots to blog about! In fact I just found out that we will be doing the SAME thing today...unpicking our quilting!! You mean even the PROS have to unpick?? Makes me feel a wee bit better....:o)))


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