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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Still Quilting Away

Loaded another quilt on the frame this morning and finished quilting it this afternoon—amazing the progress I can make when I’m under the gun!!! 

Remember when we helped Lonn and LoraLee work their calves several weeks ago?  And Lonn whacked me in the head with the hydraulic squeeze shoot?  Well, tonight was our “thank you and sorry I whacked you in the head” dinner out.  We drove over to their house and rode over the hill to our favorite place—the Rib and Chop.  Good food and great company.

Michael made a quick trip into town today for jeep parts and to drop packages at the post office.  I’ve been using this Yahoo group—SewItsForSale—to sell bits and pieces of the quilting stuff we purchased with great success.  The group is a private, tightly held clique with a million and one rules—it almost takes an act of Congress to post anything—but people buy stuff so I will continue to persevere!

It was a perfect fall day—60 degrees and absolutely no wind but change is in the wind so to speak—one weather report predicts 2 feet of snow by Saturday and 4 degrees below zero—now how’s that for change???  Time to head down the road!!  Sixteen days and counting!

This photo doesn’t do the actual scene justice—I only had the little point and shoot Canon and it needed new batteries—it was gorgeous going over the mountain to Livingston tonight.



  1. Waiting sixteen days to leave might be the difference between going south for the winter or spring if you get snowed in. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Man, your little corner of the world is gorgeous!! Enjoy the snow!! Can't believe I just said that!!

  3. As much as I enjoy the view of the mountains, that is about 18 to 20 inches to much snow and about 25 degrees to cold. Come on down, if you can get out.

  4. The countdown is on to get everything done before you leave. Good luck with it all!

  5. Well if you can get Congress to actually pass an act maybe YOU should have run for President!

  6. Beautiful photo! Those 16 days will quickly pass, I suspect. To go away for a long period of time requires some thought, planning and packing. Good luck with all of that!

  7. That is one beautiful photo, Janna.


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