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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Quilting Machines Galore

Remember a while back I purchased a Juki quilting machine on a Grace frame and later sold it to my quilting friend Mary??  Well, I found Mary a longarm by the same manufacturer as mine, APQS, and now she is trying to sell the Juki.  Jeane and I took a drive up the Boulder to Mary and Ron’s beautiful little cabin to try out the Juki—seems Ms. Jeane wants a quilting machine.  Once we got over thinking the machine was possessed by the devil—it would just start sewing all by itself—we were good to go and had Jeane quilting away.  I think Mary has sold her Juki—now if Jeane can just find a place in her house for it! 

It was a beautiful day for a drive up the Boulder and with the new gravel on the road—it was one smooth ride—and before the gravel no one could ever say the Boulder road was smooth! 

This morning I finished ripping out the bad stitching on a quilt and re-quilted it.  I also got another little wall hanging ready for loading.  Paulette left a comment on yesterday’s blog, “so even the PROS have to rip….”  Yep, just read the forums—even those with a whole lot more experience than me have to rip out stitching from time to time.  I need to learn to read my machine—I noticed it was dropping a stitch here and there—I should have stopped then and carefully checked my thread path.  But, oh, no, I was in a hurry and just kept on stitching not noticing the icky tension on the back until I removed the quilt from the frame.  THEN—when I checked the thread path I found the thread coming off the spool had looped over the next thread guide twice instead of once.  Pay attention, Janna!!

Michael pulled a good one today—the jeep from which he is removing the engine is in the garage and we only have ONE set of keys for it, as he was getting out of the jeep today he accidently hit the door lock button, heard the beep but didn’t pay any attention—shut the door.  Uh, oh, the keys are inside and the doors are locked.  So what does he do—he comes inside at lunchtime and searches on You Tube.  Finds a video which describes in great detail how to get into a locked Jeep Cherokee using the Jeep’s own radio antenna!  Makes you feel real safe about leaving your Jeep locked doesn’t it??? 


This evening we drove over and enjoyed dinner at Lonn and LoraLee’s.  Katie and Michael were at home for the weekend.  LoraLee is feeling well and prepared us a feast—it was almost like Thanksgiving!  It was good to see Katie and Michael—we hadn’t seen them since Labor Day weekend. 


  1. Many a quilt stitch I have ripped out in the past..I'm very excited as our resort in Fl this winter will be having quilting classes/bees..I have my sewing machine with me this year..and a quilt in the frames which I'm happy to say is also on fit in the bedroom closet standing behind the hanging clothes..the legs for the frame are in the under storage, so hopefully I can get it finished up this winter. I'm hoping they will teach 'machine technique quilting"...I've never tried it, can't imaging handling that queen size quilt with a machine but I'm sure theres a trick to it..all I've ever done was piece the top via machine then put together with batting and backing and quilt by hand in the I'm excited to arrive and get into it all...

    1. I quilted several double to queen size quilts on my domestic machine before getting my Gammill Premier quilting machine. It takes time and gets hard on the hands & shoulders. There are all kinds of elaborate rolling & folding techniques for getting the quilt through the machine, but I just did the "stuff 'n fluff" way that I saw someone demonstrate on the Eleanor Burns show at one time. You can do it!!!

  2. You can learn how to do pretty much everything by watching youTube videos!!


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