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Monday, November 12, 2012

Emmi And I Are Hiding

I think Michael is ready to go—he has started packing stuff such as the rails to the shorter longarm table, the ugly carpet, air conditioner and various other things.  Emmi and I decided we might better lay low in case he decides to stuff us in that trailer.

Michael was surfing the internet tonight and said, “here’s some investments you will like.”  I’m standing in the kitchen thinking, “what in the world is he talking about—he does all the investment stuff—what investments I might like???”  Seems he was reading an article on Fox News which said put 10% of your money in gold, silver and platinum.  The article also said put 5% of your money in diamonds.  All righty then!!  I’m liking this new investment plan—when can we go shopping???

I loaded onto the frame the last quilt I am going to do while here in Montana.  Managed in spite of some thread breakage issues to make good progress. 

We warmed up to above freezing today and are now in a sea of mud.  The wind, of course, is blowing gale force. 


Our granddaughter Laci is back in the US after her two year tour of duty in Italy.  Her next assignment is here on the air base in Montana.  Tonight Lonn, LoraLee and Laci came for dinner—we were all groaning and moaning—ribs, Brenda’s cheesy potatoes, and a salad.  Very good dinner if I do say so myself.  Laci looks great—she has matured into a beautiful young woman.  She placed her orders tonight—would I please make her some poppy seed salad dressing and would I hem her pants.  Yep, it’s good to have her home. 


  1. Brrrr... that picture makes me shiver. Glad you granddaughter made it home from her tour of duty. So proud of our young men and women in uniform.

  2. nice to be needed by your granddaughter..her two requests sound pretty easy!

  3. add a thick layer of grey clouds to that picture... keep the wind blowin' and drop the temp to 15 below and I remember one of the last times I sorted a herd in the pasture, tryin' to hold 'em up out of the bottoms with my feet freezin' into the stirrups, in an early winter storm to ship calves... Ahhhh... the romance of cowboyin'! :)

  4. Modern Firearms are a better investment than presious metals and a lot more fun to admire..... I picked up 6 new ones this summer.
    Ya all better get outta there before you get snowed in....Have a safe riip......

  5. You must be so proud of Laci!! BUT you are far too young for a grown-up grand-daughter!
    Hey I had major thread breaking issues on my last quilt too!! I changed EVERYTHING...except the thread as I only had the Sew Fine. After changing the needle, rethreading everything, oiling and cleaning..still I finally fiddled with the tension (which I normally don't like to touch...and put in a new bobbin (the thread on it was lopsided) and it worked! I was sweating frustrating!!
    WOW! You are taking your long arm with you!! What a hubby!! Can't wait to see your new set-up!
    PS...Stay warm!! Judging by that picture, it looks like quilting would be a VERY popular thing to do!!

  6. So glad you have the snow and we have the sunshine. The picture is pretty though.

  7. Oh Brrrr. Its cold enough here in Kentucky, but at least there's no snow or mud.

  8. Tell your grand daughter thank you! My niece just arrived in Hawaii for her last 2 years in the Navy. She should be there rest of her time. Maybe my sister and I will sneak over to visit!


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