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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Last Trip To Billings For A While

Michael had a final checkup today after his summer surgery, I had a good haircut before I am forced to go searching for a new hairdresser in Texas and my husband had his first ever drug (as in illegal) screen test!  Our day started with us heading down the driveway before 7am dodging all those blasted deer all the way to town—we were successful today!  Emmi spent the day with Nat.

Things worked perfectly today—we had one appointment at 9am then had a couple hours to kill allowing us to join the other one million people in Costco!!  The person at the return counter told me there were over 200 people waiting for the doors to open and in the first hour over 400 people checked out through the cash registers!!  At Wal Mart we were able to activate the Tracfone—Michael very politely told the lady at the counter, “you have to activate this thing, my wife has lost her patience.” 

On to the haircut with Michael killing time at Harbor Freight.  We then had almost two more hours to kill.  We used them wisely getting Dairy Queen blizzards!!  With way more time to kill than we had errands we decided to just head to the doctor’s office which was performing the drug screen and physical—we were about 40 minutes early—lo and behold, they took him that early!!!  YIPPEE!!  We were heading out of Billings by 3pm. 

We spent some time with Nat visiting and moving pianos around.  Nat restores player pianos and recently got one working—it is so incredibly cool—just flip a switch and the thing plays beautifully.  This is how Nat keeps his brain and body occupied—and how he has reached the age of 90+! 

I have a long to do list for tomorrow—nothing big, just a whole bunch of little things such as cooking something we can heat up quickly for dinner on the road. 

Three more sleeps!

my MomMy Mom will probably murder me for putting this photo on the blog but I love it!  Yesterday was her birthday and the family took her to the local Mexican restaurant last night for dinner.  That is her great-granddaughter Elizabeth beside her and her granddaughter Niki looking around the sombrero. 


  1. Wow, Harbor Freight and Dairy Queen on the same day, doesn't get much better than that!

  2. once again a productive day for you both! nice pic of your Mom, looks like she had fun celebrating her birthday!

  3. We made the mistake of going to Walmart yesterday. Holy cow. I think everybody in Phoenix was in there. Sure hope Michael passed his test. And that you didn't feed him any poppy seed muffins.

  4. With that haircut, at least you'll have some time to try to find a decent hairdresser. It's always a challenge on the road. :)

  5. Great looking Sombrero! I don't think I'll be going near a DQ until we're in Palm Springs - the only blizzards I like!

  6. One of our biggest recurring dramas while on the road was Anneke finding a good hairdresser. I was subject to random drug tests for many years. My only fear was that they would some how screw up the results, luckily that never happened:)

  7. That was one busy day...with long breaks between appointments. I, as with Michael, tend to visit and spend a fair bit of time in Harbor Freight while Jeanette is 1/2 block away in Joanne's Fabric store, in Bellingham, WA. I sure enjoy browsing around Harbor Freight though!!! I tend to purchase a fair bit of stuff from that store.

  8. Mom can only kill us once, right? Just kidding
    Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.


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