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Friday, November 16, 2012

It’s Getting Closer And A Heirloom

Departure day that is—one week from today.  Packing begins in earnest now that I’ve finished quilting until we get to Texas.  This morning I sewed the zippers on to the canvas leaders—that chore is complete.  Michael worked at getting more parts attached to the jeep cherokee. 

After lunch we headed to town with a list of errands a mile long.  First stop we dropped off a jeep load of used clothing to the Community Thrift Shop.  Next was a stop at the clinic to pick up quilt tops for quilting from my buddy Mary—these will be going to Texas with us. 

On to the courthouse where the sheriff’s office is located—no, I hadn’t been bad, I was just picking up my concealed carry permit which I had renewed.  And, geez—I want a copy of the photograph they took—best photo I’ve had taken in a LONG time!!!

A few more minor errands and we headed out to Jeane and Steve’s.  Today was the day we were to help Jeane finish with the setup of her little mid-arm quilting machine.  I was also going to show her how to load a quilt and practice some too.  We only had to tweak the frame just a bit then Steve and Mike were off to town for something.  Jeane and I enjoyed playing with the machine—it is so smooth to operate and makes beautiful stitches.

The motorhome is now parked at the back door—ready for loading. 


I was very fortunate to have three grandparents alive well into my adulthood.  My Mom’s mother lived to be 93 years old and I was 47 years old when she died—she was in a nursing home, her body had declined but her mind was still there.  I even remember this grandmother’s Mom—Grannie who died when I was about 3 years old.  One day my sister and I were visiting Grandma—she and I had a special bond, she was a nurse and she loved to quilt.  Grandma loved to show everyone her current projects but that day she brought out this quilt--IMG_5351Her mother, my great grandmother had made this quilt—hand pieced and hand quilted. IMG_5352 Grandma suddenly asked me if I would like to have this quilt and of course I replied—YES!!!  We visited a while longer then Ann and I decided to head home—as we got to the car my sister said, “and what made you the favored grandchild today???”  I said, “I have no idea but I’m taking advantage of it!!!”  I love this quilt and display it—there are a couple small tears in the fabric but otherwise it is in great shape. 

My Dad’s parents both died within six months of each other when I was about 30 years old—they lived in a house very near ours as I was growing up—we caught the school bus and got off the bus at their house.  We stayed with them during the summer—both our parents worked.  My brother Ross and Grandpa had a very special relationship and Ross owns and operates the farm my Grandpa owned.  So many children today have no parents much less grandparents—we were blessed as children!


  1. I love hearing stories about grandparents... both my paternal grandparents had passed away long before I was born... my maternal grandfather passed before I was a year old. I grew up with one grandmother, who was in her 60's when I was born. She scared the crap out of me when I was young.... so I've never had the loving relationships that y'all talk about. And here I am... grandkids born in 5 different states.... with hardly the relationship you had, although I love them dearly... as well as our great-grandkids. But... you're so right.. times are so different. I think I would have liked the "old time" more.

  2. OMGosh!! I love your Grandmother's quilt...all hand pieced and Hand quilted! Wow!! What an honour it is to own such a beautiful reminder of her! See, quilting is in your genes!! I have often wondered if my grand-mothers were quilters...I will never know as all my grandparents died before I was born and my own mother(who quilted) died long before I became a quilter. Nice to know that we are carrying on with the family art of making quilts. I wonder if my daughters will ever quilt...? Nah...haha

  3. What a treasure she left you with. I'm sure she gave it to you, because she knew you would appreciate it the most. Lucky you all those grandparents. I grew up not knowing any of my grandparents. Maybe that's why I kick it in high gear when it comes to my grands. Take time to breath during all those preparations!!

  4. That quilt for sure is a beautiful keepsake. My grandmother also lived to a ripe old age - 102. She was frail of body but still whip-smart and sharp as a tack mentally. I used to spend a lot of summers over at my grandparents home while growing up and still have great memories of those times.

  5. No quilters on my side of the family but Jeanette's side is evident. He grandmother and mother made quilts.

  6. love your grams quilt...beautiful job...the fabric was probably from clothes she no longer wore...I have quite a few of Ricks moms quilts that were all handmade...she just passed in 2010...she taught me how to piece and quilt..and I have one here in the frames in the finish up hand quilting this winter..I got a new quilting machine at Joanns last week..and my daughter said Mom!!! Grammie would have a fit if you even considered machine said no Gram would be impressed..


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