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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Quilting and Some Moving

While visiting summer before last, my Mom noticed a quilt she liked in a magazine I had—we talked about her piecing this quilt—bear in mind—my Mom is a seamstress—she has made wedding dresses for brides, she made all our clothes when we were growing up but she has made one other quilt in her lifetime—it was a very simple one with just rectangles.  This magazine quilt was a mass of tiny pieces and triangles.  That didn’t deter my Mom—for her birthday last year my sister Ann and I gave Mom the fabric for making this quilt.  She did a fabulous job and here’s the results:


The folks who bought our ranch are kind enough to allow us the use of a huge barn which they don’t use. We store all sorts of treasures in there, mostly equipment. Today we moved the Tin Tee Pee into the barn—out of the weather since we won’t be using it for a while. Had to move some other equipment around and I’m certainly glad my dear husband is a good “backer”—it took some tricky backing up to get that little trailer in a very tight spot.

Michael puttered around today getting the trailer completely ready for travel—time is drawing near!  And with that said, I almost finished another quilt today—this one for Pat of Mike and Pat fame.  I love the colors in it—think she would forget I have it??


And that’s our day in Montana.


  1. Beautiful quilt. And love the mountain photo. I am sure you will miss these views over the next year.
    Bev in ns,Canada

  2. Your mother's quilt is beautiful. It is certainly to become a family treasure.

  3. Beautiful pictures, both the quilts and the mountains. Thanks for the comment..jc

  4. Lovely quilt. Your mom & you both did good jobs on it.

    Better not fool around with Ms. Pat's quilt. I hear she's a pretty good shot. :)

  5. Snow on them thar mountains.... Beautiful quilts!!!!

  6. you did a fine job finishing your Mom's quilt! and as for Pat's quilt?..remember she does know how to shoot so I would get her quilt on the way to her, lickety split!!

  7. Your mother did an excellent job. It is beautiful. Your quilting adds greatly to it. A beautiful work of art by both of you.
    Janna, what batting do you use?

  8. That is an absolutely beautiful photo of the mountains with the snow. The quilt job is just as good - well done, Janna.

  9. Nice composition of converging horizontal lines in the colored mountain photo. Nice pastel lighting & a great crop job whether it was either sky or foreground:))

  10. What a gorgeous quilt!! I see you have it in your genes!! WOW!! And I totally agree on those horizontal lines!!:o)))

  11. I'm a little behind reading my blogs. I have been busy with my line dance class, unpacking the motorhome and finishing the quilt I started in Custer. This is my very first lap size quilt and it has been a real learning experience. I did a lot of things wrong and probably the hard way, but I'll know better next time. Janna, the quilt I finished is the "charm pack" and matching fabric that I bought from you when we visited last summer. Mike is posting pictures on his blog today. Don't look too closely all you "quilting experts" out there. :-)....Remember, I'm a pretty good shot....but have a lot to learn about quilting....:-) Your Mom's quilt is beautiful! It will be a long time before I can come close to doing that. Hugs................


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