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Monday, November 5, 2012

I Hung Up On Jan Brewer

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough for us.  I bet we get at least 4-5 phone calls per day asking us to vote for this or that person.  They are wasting their time, Michael and I all ready voted (of course the callers don’t know that)!  Today the phone rang, I didn’t recognize the number and I answered it.  A voice said, “Hello, I’m Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona………”  Of course it was a recorded message and I hung up almost before she had the word Arizona out of her mouth—at least I think it was a recorded message!  And I even like Jan Brewer! 

I finished up all Marti’s quilts today—YEA—and will get them off in the mail to her about Thursday or so.

 IMG_5259Those roses are each a jazillion pieces all of which had to be stitched in the ditch—my shoulders and neck are feeling it tonight!

Michael was out in the garage working hard all day.  We talked to Rollie—I think he’s ready for us to get there—he sent us a photo of our “lonely RV site” today!!  Smile  His rig fits nicely on the site next to us and if he can get that big ole long 5th wheel and semi in those sites, I think we will fit too!

Warm today and cloudy—nasty weather is approaching for the weekend.



  1. I would have hung up on Jan Brewer as well, and I don't like her.

  2. So glad we don't have a land line. They haven't found our cell yet. Thank goodness. I've reached the point where my finger is getting sore from hitting the mute button. And what worries me is that it won't be over with tomorrow night. They'll have recounts and lawyers for the next week. Only thing is at least the ads will be gone. Going to be cold down here this week-end - only 63 for a high. Not sure I can handle that anymore.

  3. I imagine you are all tired of the election campaign. I don't live in the US of A and I'm tired of the TV ads and the polls. It will soon be over. I fail to understand how Romney can claim to get 12 million new jobs within his mandate. The world economy is suffering. Even in our solid, Canadian economy, we have a 7.5% unemployment rate - mostly tied to the world economic crisis dating back to 2008.

    I'm sure you two are busy trying to get yourselves ready to head to Texas.

    Awesome looking quilt. It looks like it needed hours upon hours of work to complete. Great design too!

  4. I can hardly wait till next week to see who is going to run in 2016.

  5. Did Pat Boone call you too? That was the standing joke in the neighborhood on Sunday!! I am so tired of the phone calls also. Tomorrow is almost here and it will be over for another four years!!!

  6. Those roses are just gorgeous. You are so very talented.

  7. Now who couldn't like Jan Brewer! I love her and Romney rocks!
    Lois---Cody, Wy.

  8. Jan Brewer is a real bag as far as I'm concerned - can't stand her. That's why I don't go to AZ anymore.

    Nice mountain photo!

  9. Jan Brewer? OMG! At least she is term limited.


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