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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quilter’s Garage Sale

So to speak—I invited my quilt retreat buddies up this afternoon for a look see at all the quilting stuff left from our purchase in Billings the other day.  Everyone went home with a bag full of goodies so why do I still have so much stuff downstairs??? Smile If I were ambitious (or had a little more time) I would cut the fabric into strips or squares and make scrappy quilts.  I may donate the remainder of the fabric to the Catholic church ladies—they make quilts for charity projects.  The ladies all placed thread orders too so I have to get the thread ordered tomorrow.  I made brownies and pumpkin bars—sent care packages home to all the husbands and still have way too much left over! 

Another nasty cold day—bitter wind.  My poor husband plowed the driveway this morning and about froze!

One more quilt to quilt before we leave—it’s going on the frame tomorrow. 

I am so excited to learn there is a group of quilting ladies at the RV park in Aransas Pass.  Rollie met Judy, one of the quilters and she left the nicest comment on yesterday’s blog.  We quilters are everywhere aren’t we! 


A big thank you to all our past and present military folks—you are appreciated!! 


  1. Did someone say GARAGE SALE?? haha So happy to hear that you are moving to an RV Park that has Quilting! I consider going down south as my Quilting Retreat time!! Take care and stay warm!

  2. Now, if I knew you were sending home brownies and pumpkin bars I just might have encouraged Paulette to drive over to Montana!

  3. Beautiful photo. Its cold and nasty here too. Not too much snow though. Travel days to Arizona can't come soon enough.


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