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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hard At Work, Yes We Are

You should see the stack of firewood my husband stacked today—the logs were all ready cut—he cut them into firewood lengths and split some of the bigger pieces.  He worked hard!

IMG_5198We use wood to heat our home—we have a large wood burning stove (built by Michael) in the basement and it does a great job of heating the whole house.  We do have other heat too, we just prefer the wood.

Michael helped me sort fabric this morning—we managed to work our way through three bins of fabric—the stuff we purchased in Billings the other day.  Still several more to go.  These first bins had lots of flannel yardage—lots of Holly Taylor flannel—that’s good stuff in case you didn’t know! Smile

Lunch was bean burritos with homemade fresh salsa using the last of the garden onions.  No more tomatoes, no more onions, only a few potatoes left. 

I spent the afternoon finishing up Marti’s little bed runner—I was too tired tonight to take it off the frame to take photos—tomorrow.

And that was our day!

IMG_5196Mr. Red sometimes comes over for a pat on the head when we are out walking—he was extremely curious about my camera.  See Michael’s horse in the distance—he keeps his distance—the old guy was always a pain to catch.  During the forest fires of 2006, we were in Washington working when we got word our area was to be evacuated.  Lonn and LoraLee came over to get what we wanted out of the house (which was amazingly enough, not very much) and to get the two horses.  Lonn said he chased Michael’s horse all over the fields trying to catch him and was finally successful—and then told Mr. Roan—I was about ready to leave you here to become a crispy critter!!!


  1. And they say elephants never forget, he knows that at any moment you may saddle him up and ride over the mountain to Livingston for supper. You would never just want to give him a scratch.

  2. Splitting wood is therapeutic - at least for me! Wood is a great way to heat your home. How will you heat the house when you are away?

  3. Nice photo of Red. There seems to be something about heat from a wood stove that makes it warmer and cozier than a plain old oil or electric furnace. Maybe it's just the smell of the wood burning?

  4. That's a lot of wood. I thought you were leaving???

  5. since the renos I truly miss my enterprise wood range that was in the room in the new area for if I can't heat with wood (versus electric and oil) I'll just go south..and that fixes that problem...because nothing keeps you as warm as the wood heat does...


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