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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quilting “Studio” Is Finished

Michael worked hard again today getting the quilting trailer—studio—completely ready.  I helped him get the canvas on the rollers and gave directions for placement of various screws and hooks.  Everything fit and has a place—I think I can happily quilt in my little space!  Tomorrow I hope to find out by loading a quilt.

IMG_5436IMG_5439Isn’t that just the ugliest carpet??

I did walk up to the clubhouse and visit with the quilting group—I couldn’t even begin to find a project to work on, I might have been able to find a sewing machine but the rest of the stuff was still in plastic bins. 

IMG_5433See our Charlie Brown Christmas tree—it looks pretty with all the lights on.

I walked Angel and Zoey (Rollie’s dogs) along with Emmi down to the doggie park today.  Angel is a Maltese weighing about six pounds—she thinks she is a Rottweiler!  

Michael was a bit under the weather today—too much good food and too much excitement I think.  He spent some time looking at the back of his eyelids this afternoon and woke feeling much better.  Rollie worked late and I had a good old southern dish waiting for him when he got home—beans and cornbread.  It’s something Michael won’t eat but I knew Rollie loves beans and cornbread—so we had that with some leftover pork tenderloin. 

Another great day of weather—warm and sunny. Tomorrow and the next few days should be in the 80’s! 


  1. Oh have taken camping to a whole other level!! haha Your Milli is a beauty and looks regal inside your studio...and the carpet adds colour and flair! The quilters in your park must be thrilled to have you join them!

  2. Your carpet is "interesting." How's that for tactful? It's so cool that you can have your quilting machine there with you.

  3. I like the carpet. I could easily fall asleep on it & have myself one mighty fine nightmare:))

  4. Is that a little fridge at the back of the trailer? How cool, snacks in your studio :-). I may have missed this, but how did you tow the trailer and your jeep with you?

  5. it really is a cute little set up you have there, just for you!
    enjoy the warm sunshine, I am sure it is snowing at your house!?

  6. I really like the carpet. I guess there is not accounting for taste lol. Love the Charlie Brown Tree. I have had many of those over the years but on a bigger scale. I always felt sorry that no one would buy them so I took them home. Great setup. Enjoy!!!!

  7. awesome studio, Jana. Now, if we can talk Paulette into driving another vehicle and cargo trailer and her new longarm to Desert hot Springs.... nope... don't think that is going to happen! I LOVE the carpet. You have to have something funky!

  8. I like the carpet! It seems fitting - with its tropical look - for your Gulf Coast stay. You guys did not waste any time getting set up. Nice set up too!

  9. VERY COOL setup in your "studio!! I need to find a campground with quilters in it!!

  10. Hope you have an air conditioner in your studio. Gonna get warm in a few more months. Nothing much compares to Texas heat and humidity:-)

  11. Oh! that rug IS interesting, modern tho, or retro? can't decide which!!! But looks like a great place to work!


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