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Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Packing

Our only reprieve from packing and other get ready chores was lunch with Nat.  I marinated sirloin steaks in olive oil, sliced garlic and rosemary then grilled the steaks.  Nat and I enjoyed a baked sweet potato, Michael had a regular baked potato.  Dessert was some of the snickerdoodle cookies I was baking. 

The only things left to load are last minute items such as the stuff out of the refrigerator.  Clothes and shoes (yes, Michael, I did take more than one pair of shoes Smile) went in today.  We are leaving the heat on in the motorhome so stuff doesn’t freeze—wouldn’t be good for the diet coke to explode in Michael’s closet now would it???

Late this afternoon I baked two batches of granola for Michael and did some chores here in the house.  I’m missing my sewing room—it’s all packed in the trailer. 

Only five more sleeps before we head down the driveway.  Let’s hope the weather holds, it was another warm day but windy.


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  1. Wow, its getting close now. There really is a lot to think about, when you're away for that long!! Good luck with it all.

  2. we are all counting down the days with you Janna..soon you and Michael and Emmi will be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime!

  3. Safe travels! Have I missed where you are headed first?

  4. You may go into Quilting Withdrawal Symptom before you leave - that can be a very dangerous condition - sweating, fever, tremors etc. Take care!

  5. With all the good planning and packing, you are set to roll. I enjoyed the 'Believe' card at the end of your blog. Sort of rings true, doesn't it?


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