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Friday, November 9, 2012

Everyone Wants A Piece Of The Action

The last time we went to Billings and Costco, we purchased a new HP printer—wireless.  Today was the first time I’ve had a moment to do what should have been a very easy install.  NOT!!!  Four hours later and with phone calls to various tech supports I finally have a wireless printer in the basement working well with my laptop.  Why does it have to be so hard???  The install program gave me the option of choosing which of the Hewlett-Packard megabyte hungry softwares I wished to install—of course they recommended installing all of the options—I chose to install three of the six software options.  I got nowhere—the printer was recognizing my router—the IP address and connected with great signal icon appeared on the printer touch screen but I couldn’t print anything—my computer would not recognize the printer. 

I called our local telephone company thinking I might be having issues with our oddball router but no, they couldn’t help me—the printer was recognizing and connecting to the router.  I then took advantage of the Costco free concierge service for electronics and while the guy didn’t speak very good English, he got me up and running.  When we got to the screen which asked which of the software options I wanted to install the technician suggested installing all of them, “you can always remove the ones you don’t want.”  All of a sudden I can print—now imagine that!  HP just wanted inside my computer—well guess what HP, once I was printing I went back and removed all your MB hungry crap!!!

It’s been a long day—we both woke too early in spite of our late night!  I spent the day arranging my sewing room for the little gathering I am giving for my quilting buddies on Sunday.  Michael spent the day packing a little, puttering a little.

We woke to about six inches of new snow and nasty, windy, cold weather.  IMG_5280

Now after all that computer frustration I am having a slice of Sarah’s incredible flourless chocolate cake—to die for!!! 

Just in time for Veteran’s Day on Sunday, our granddaughter Laci arrived home from her tour of duty in Italy with the USAF.  She will be stationed at the air base in Great Falls, MT—closer to home for a while! Smile


  1. I am so cold just looking at your snow. Except in a perverse way - it is so beautiful. We, too, got a new wireless printer. Jim fought with it forever and now we can print from our computers but he wanted to be able to send something from his smartphone to the printer. Not happening. If it were just me - I wouldn't be printing anything.

  2. Yes the snow is beautiful in a picture. But everyone seems to be having the awful winds.
    Why are things so hard to set up. I think they should just work and that's that

  3. Glad your printer is up and running, boy that snow looks cold. Enjoy that cake and stay warm!

  4. I guess I got lucky, I bought the HP officejet 6600. The software loaded up and I was able to add it to the home network and we can now print/scan and copy from any computer on the network (we have three). I get really annoyed when stuff does not work as advertised. Glad you figured it out. I am not so sure I could:(

  5. That snow pic of your porch sure looks beautiful - especially so since it's far away in Montana!

    I share your frustration with the 'bloatware' these firms load on our computers when all that's really needed is the actual driver for the device. Normally, I just try and connect a new device by ignoring the DVD it came with and see if Windows can figure it out - like you found out, that's not always possible. Glad to hear you persevered and got it working.

  6. I have a wireless printer and whenever I print, I hook it up. Too
    confusing to me.

  7. That printer experience was clearly frustrating! I tend to get quite impatient with stuff that doesn't work and get even more frustrated when I cannot intelligibly understand a tech support person at the other end of the line. Your perseverance paid off!

    Nice snow photo!

  8. Looking at your pictures I was glad that my truck and trailer weren't still in them. Not sure I would want to navigate that road with a few inches of snow and ice on it. We also got a new HP from Costco this weekend but our install went a little better. Good thing considering it was replacing the HP we got last year and didn't work this fall when we got here. I hate just throwing away stuff but they are more expensive to repair than replace. Count one for China I guess!


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