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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hey, Who Changed The Weather

Geez, old man winter has arrived with a bang!  Wind is howling and instead of the nice 60 degree day we had yesterday, it is 33 degrees and snowing—of course the snow is all ready in the next county the wind is blowing so hard.

We are off to run errands in just a while—judging by all these boxes which need shipping, all full of quilts—I’ve been busy!


Michael had a list of little things he wanted to accomplish today—fence fixing, wrap the trunks of the apple trees and cut down a dead aspen tree which might fall on the fence while we are gone.  I finished up Pat’s quilt last night and then quilted her pillowcases this morning. 


Whew, it is almost midnight and this girl is up way past her bedtime!  We had an absolutely wonderful evening spent with friends over in the Paradise Valley.  Sarge and Sarah invited us over to sample some of the halibut Sarge caught while fishing in Alaska this summer.  We both decided we’ve never had fish so good!  It was a delicious meal and we enjoyed their company immensely!  The roads weren’t too bad going over and it has just started to snow really hard.  A fabulous day!


  1. It does look like you have been busy! Yikes - sounds cold there, hope you have plenty of logs on the fire!

  2. It sounds like this might be a pretty cold winter in Montana so it's a good thing you're heading to Texas. I much prefer Halibut to Salmon.

  3. Halibut is a nice eating fish. When given the choice to order Halibut fish and chips over Cod, Halibut wins every time. I tried hard to catch one when fishing off the west coast of Vancouver Island this past summer. Although very successful with Salmon, Halibut was not to be.

    Those near freezing temperatures are clearly a magnet to head south soon.

  4. Oh My! Halibut! You sure brought back some "tasty" memories of our summer in Alaska. However... those cold temps sure make me shiver.

  5. The snow is beautiful but is making me shiver here in Arizona. The quilts are equally as beautiful but you better be making more with all that cold weather.

  6. Thanks Janna.....I can't wait to see the quilt. Now I have to worry about finishing it when it gets here. I may have to recruit my good friend, Caryl, to help me out. It's a BIG QUILT and I may never get enough binding put to together to finish it. I can tell already that I need my sewing space reorganized. I think a new sewing table is in my future. :-) Any suggestions on a good one? Hope this is the last big snow you will get before time for you to leave. I'll let you know when my "beautiful quilt" arrives. Hugs.............


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