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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quilting And Engines

Michael informed me this morning I had only six days before we depart!!  I think I shrieked something like, “oh, no, I have much longer than that!”  If you factor in two trips to Billings, a trip to help Jeane with her quilting machine and Thanksgiving, yes, we have six days!!  Well, I eliminated one trip to Billings—I will go to the dentist in Texas when I have nothing but time.  So, I have seven days before the pink motorhome rolls down the driveway—I think I am truly in full blown panic mode!!!  In an email this morning Rollie said I better get that quilt finished or Michael might put the quilt, longarm and me in the trailer to finish while going down the road!  Smile

Michael worked on the jeep engine all day and has it ready to put back into the white jeep cherokee we purchased this past spring.  He’s one tired dude tonight!

“Modern Firearms are a better investment than precious metals and a lot more fun to admire..... I picked up 6 new ones this summer.”  This was a comment on yesterday’s blog left by our good friend Mike McFall—spoken like a true man!!!!  We just have to agree to disagree Mike!!  Smile

I made great progress on LoraLee’s quilt today—once I changed thread colors on the backing all was well and it was fun to quilt.  Should have it finished tomorrow.



  1. What vehicles, trailers, etc. are you taking to Texas?

  2. and why are you taking time to read comments on your blog....GET TO WORK!!! Seriously, good luck with getting it all done. Perhaps Michael could rig a pulley system to the wheel hub and something to your sewing machine, so you would have electricity to be able to quilt as you're going down the road.

  3. I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date. Hang in there. You'll get it all done and then you can relax. Unless of course you get stuffed into the trailer.

  4. Janna, what kind of job will your husband be doing in Tx?

  5. Who was it told me to SLOW DOWN not to long ago????:-) You sound like you are on Fast Forward Janna!

    Agree to disagree??? Now that is a True Woman's answer!!

    i have to say, I'm excited for ya!

    You all be safe!!

    The big box arrived yesterday....Ms. Pat was sure happy to see it!!

  6. Gee, I can feel the packing frenzy from here on the west coast Jana! Six days and the big wheels will be rolling south. As organized as you two are, I'm sure it will all work out. Best of luck with that!


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