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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Near Disaster

With all the mud we have it’s necessary to wash Emmi’s paws in the mud room sink every time she comes in the house—for some reason this seems to make her wild!  The minute I put her feet on the floor she madly dashes around hoping up in the chair, down out of the chair, around the chair.  As all this mad dashing was going on I heard a thud.  I turned around to see what had happened and saw my laptop on the floor—it had been sitting on the ottoman in front of my chair.  Emmi in her wildness must have knocked it off the ottoman—thankfully it landed perfectly on it’s bottom with the screen in the correct position.  And everything still works—whew, that was a close one and my laptop will not be left on the ottoman again!

Even though I spent the entire day quilting I did not finish LoraLee’s quilt.  But I got close enough to finished—I know I can finish it tomorrow.  Michael was more successful—he got the jeep engine back in—not all hooked up but back where it’s supposed to be. 

Joan asked in a comment in last night’s blog what Michael would be doing in Texas.  He will be a mechanical technician during construction of an off shore drilling rig—which is being built on land. 

A very gray day here—cool too, mud doesn’t dry out well with those conditions.

Last night after writing the blog I went downstairs and did some packing—fabric, longarm tools, etc.  Filled two bins so far—Michael said I can only put three bins in the trailer with the jeep, everything else has to go in the motorhome.  I had hoped to get everything related to sewing in those three bins but I’m not sure that’s gonna happen! Smile


Mom received her quilt as did Pat—both were very pleased and I’m very glad!  Here’s some photos of Pat’s--


IMG_5276I loved this quilt but given Pat’s expertise with a gun I decided to send it back to her instead of keeping it!  Smile


  1. BEAUTIFUL quilting...Pat is going to be over the moon!!

  2. nice job on the quilt Janna! glad to hear that your laptop survived Emmi's running around!

  3. Yep....I'm over the Moon. The quilt is gorgeous and will look beautiful on the motor home bed . I'll send pictures when I finish it. Thanks again Janna. Be safe on your trip south. Hugs.....

  4. Whew that was a close one!! Beautiful job on the quilt.


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