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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Ya-Ha-Tinda

Last night we went to the big city of Water Valley (probably pop. 20) and enjoyed wing night at the Water Valley Saloon.  John’s son Matt and John’s Dad Jack joined us.  After we all ate our fill of wings we went back out to the farm and enjoyed some visiting and Brenda’s apple pie with ice cream.  We have got to quit eating like this! 

John and Brenda have talked about the Ya-Ha-Tinda (in the language of the Stoney tribe it means mountain prairie) since we have met them—today it was our turn to see their little spot of paradise and paradise it is!  A little history, the Stoney tribe whose name comes from their method of cooking with hot stones to boil liquid occupied this land at one time.  Today the land is a federally operated horse ranch, raising, breaking, training and wintering about 170 head of horses which are used by wardens to patrol the backcountry of the national parks of Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay.

John and Brenda were married there 10 years ago, ride their horses out there and have spent many hours enjoying the beautiful scenery.  I took so many photographs today—here are just a few.

IMG_0650 IMG_0660 IMG_0666

We hiked less than a quarter mile to this awesome Big Horn waterfall.  I took a movie but I need to read Rick’s helpful hints on movie insertion into blogs.

IMG_0695 These three ladies were having a wonderful time.  All the haze in the background is smoke from a prescribed burn.IMG_0673


IMG_0653 This is the brand used on all the federal horses.

IMG_0706 John allowed us to use some more of his “heritage” wood for building a fire to roast our smokies (hot dogs to us below the Medicine Line folks).  Guacamole, baby cucumbers, cantaloupe, other chips—etc, etc—we had a great picnic lunch! 

After just a wonderful day we headed back to the farm for more eating—Brenda had thawed rib eye steaks a couple days ago and those steaks needed cooking.  We enjoyed them with salad and corn on the cob.  Ok, no more food until at least tomorrow. 


  1. Beautiful photos and the falls is so perfect. Top it off with a fire roasted "smokie" and you've got your selves a pretty good day.

  2. Food just goes so well with friends & fun ~ Glad you're having it all!!! Gprgeous photos

  3. Janna,

    Just when I think that you and Mike live at the most beautiful place on earth, you show me pictures of John and Brenda's property. Wow - beautiful also!

    Great pictures, and I'd love to see more.

    By the way, have I told you that I love love love your blog?


  4. Oh, if only we had some of that wonderful scenery here in southern Ontario.....

  5. Definitely a beautiful spot John and Brenda have there. Your pictures are fantastic - awesome even! Glad to hear you're not going hungry either.

    Here's the blog I wrote a while back on putting videos into a blog.

    How To Insert A Video Clip Into Your Blog


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