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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Person Could Get Lost

We woke to a windy, cool, cloudy day but the sun finally came out mid-morning.  Michael, Emmi and I took off down the lane this morning on a walk.  Heard this noise behind us, looked and here came Mack, John’s son Matt’s dog, a big ole galloping rottweiler.  He is less than two years old and loves to play which of course Emmi loves too, that is until Mack bowled her over end over end.  OK, now that was enough of that, she gave him a wide berth after that and anytime the dog came near her she ran for Michael.IMG_0643 He is so comical playing with this ball pushing it all over the yard.

Brenda took off for Calgary this morning for an appointment and while she was gone I took advantage of her washer and dryer in the house.  Michael and John did the usual world problem solving.  Just as Brenda arrived home Gina’s taco soup was ready for lunch, with cornbread.

Cleaned the dusty coach today and got all our laundry done—should be able to get home now!

It would be easy to get lost around here—I headed out this afternoon for Cremora, looking for a payphone.  There are gravel roads going in all different directions, I thought town was the opposite way than it really was when I reached the pavement.  I could have wandered around out here for days but finally managed to get back to the farm.

We are headed into the big city?? tonight to enjoy a Wednesday night tradition—hot wings. 



  1. life in the country sounds pretty darn nice!!

  2. Really nice that you're enjoying your time there... glad you didn't get lost!!! Have fun & Travel safe

  3. Little dogs learn pretty quick to give the big boys a wide berth! I laughed at that story because the same thing has happened to both Molly and Rylie.

    Hope you enjoyed the hot wings with Brenda and John.


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