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Friday, September 9, 2011


For the first time since we have owned a motorhome, we slept with the air conditioner on all night.  And slept very well I might add!

Walked Emmi this morning—down below this RV park is an area with a paved walking/biking path and an area for parties/weddings set aside—trees, picnic tables, power, an arbor, so that’s where I take Emmi.  Later Michael took her down there again with her soccer ball—she came back one tired little pooch!

We were headed to Costco, about 5 miles from here—Canadian Costco’s have the best soft gingersnap cookies in their bakeries.  On our way out we passed a motorhome and it wasn’t until it was past that I said, “that was them!”  So we turned around, visited for a bit then Brenda and I went to Costco and yep, those cookies are every bit as good as I remembered!

Spent the afternoon sitting outside, talking and snacking.  John finally gave up, couldn’t stand it anymore and took his truck to the car wash.  I used the washer/dryer in the rig to do a load of clothes.  If you have a lot of patience and time, the WD works well—you just can’t be in a hurry!

We are having filet mignon’s for dinner with roasted potatoes and Greek salad.  When Brenda is around, you eat really, really well! 

Michael and I are excited, John and Brenda are going to travel for a while with us—showing us some of Alberta we have never seen.IMG_0580 After dinner Mike took Emmi down to the park with her soccer ball—they were back soon—Emmi had popped the ball.  Nothing would do but we head off to Wal Mart to buy the dog another ball—we came home with not one but two and both Dad and Emmi are happy!


  1. We have to keep the fur babies happy. Glad you got a spare this time. It's a good thing to have someone who knows the area to play guide for you. Have a great time.

  2. together again!!..have a great time!!

  3. Glad to see you guys hooked og with JB & Brenda, you will enjoy their guided tour I'm sure. Rigg's is hard on balls and frisbees he gets so excited he chews them into pieces.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Ah, two ole Cowboys riding the range together.... Wish we were there with ya all, it sounds like fun. I might even dig out my Cowboy Hat......
    Air Conditioning? Here we are with our NEW heaters on! You guys have fub,,,

  5. Well here I am visiting you ~ not like John & Breand ( although I wish) but here in blogland. All my favorite blogs always mention Mike & Janna so I had to come by and visit. Hopefully we can become bloggin buddies and meet one day! Glad you're having fun... tell Brenda I said "HI"
    Travel safe

  6. Glad to see you met up with JB and Brenda! I'm sure you'll see a lot more of Alberta traveling with them. Have a great time.


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