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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bugaboo Glacier

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Bugaboo Glacier—something about that name makes you smile!  And what a glorious day, it sure put a smile on our faces!  After stopping at the Visitor Center in Invermere, gathering lots of brochures and info from the helpful person manning the desk and posting the blog with their free wi fi, we were off to Bugaboo Glacier—50km’s of gravel road, most of which wasn’t bad, through some of the most beautiful country you will ever see. 

IMG_0403 IMG_0412

IMG_0419  A little local wildlife!!

And then there was Bugaboo Glacier in all its glory!  You can climb closer to the glacier and even stay in a “hut” operated by the Park system—we visited with a young couple that was about to make that hike and stay above the “hut” for the night.


The parking lot at the glacier was interesting—something we had never seen before.IMG_0449 There were probably 20 cars in the lot all with these chicken wire fences propped all the way around the car and the wire held down by rocks.  There was a container which held the wire and you could help yourself—evidently porcupines and ground squirrels are a problem—the varmints eat the tires, brake lines, wiring, etc!  The fences around your vehicle keep the little critters from having a snack.  We didn’t tarry long so as not to take on any other passengers! 

Back down the 50kms to the rig, Michael went to one of the many hydrants in the park and got us 50 gallons of water which he pumped into the motorhome—we had planned on a RV park stay to take on water before starting our provincial park stays.  I made us a dinner of leftovers and now we are relaxed, reading all the wonderful brochures we found today. 

We couldn’t have asked for a better day!


  1. Glad y'all are having a great time. I like the chicken wire thing. I have never heard of doing that but it sounds like a great idea if you were going to parked in the mountains for a while. Miss you guys. Have fun!!!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Rollie & Gina

  2. How interesting about the parking fences!

  3. Those porcupines are hungry little buggers. A few years back I had a drilling crew working a little south and east of where you are and those porky's ate the hoses and belts off all the drill trucks overnight.

  4. We Canadians do truly live in a beautiful country. Sure wished we could travel in the summer months and see more of it. Nice that you are having good weather.

  5. looks like an interesting day!...great photos..and the parking lot ingenuity?..most inventive!!

  6. I rarely comment twice on a blog but as I read through the other comments on your blog yesterday I noticed some "anonymous twit" had some words to mention about your reservation. Now I hate folks who are impolite to visitors to our country to start with but cowards who can't remember their own names really burn my ass. It seems to me that when someone advertises a service they should give a good representation of that service or you have the right to change your mind. And what kind of a goof would make it five nights to cancel a three night reservation. Brenda and I hesitate to make reservations for exactly the reasons you mention. Places that are represented to be first class that are worse than parking on the access to the nuisance grounds. And just for reference the nuisance grounds is not where we keep our anonymous commenters as many of them are quite polite. And as I personally know you and Mike I know that you would not have kiboshed this place without good reason. I have no explanation for my anonymous friend but I can certainly apologize for his unseeming outburst. Welcome to Canada and I can hardly wait till we cross trails again.

  7. You need to turn around & head back across the border. This is just too creepy.

  8. Bugaboo!! What amazing pictures of the glacier - they are spectacular.

    Pretty nice scenery all around and that bear shot was a great one. What's with you and bears anyway???

    Great blog!


  10. It's nice to read that you are enjoying the park system. Have at it! There is plenty to do and see.

    Bugaboo does have a funny sound to it...and it does provide a lot of joy. Glad our bears posed for you too.


  11. I see you posted this yesterday. Hope you have turned south back home. What were you thinking? ??


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