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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sewing Festival and A New Truck

Long ago I thought nothing of being up at 4am and out the door by 5am heading for some operating room somewhere.  But, I’m retired and 4am is dang early for this girl any more!  In order to have Michael at the place for picking up the new to us truck and to have Jeane and me at the Sewing Festival by 8:30, 4am it was, YUK!  We dropped Emmi at Nat’s, picked up Jeane at Nat’s and off we went!  And typical Montana weather, heater in the morning, air conditioner in the afternoon.

We left Michael to conduct the truck business as Jeane and I made our way to the Shrine Auditorium for the annual Billings Sewing Festival.  Jeane was taking a class—making a pillow using serger techniques.  I was taking two classes; techniques for using this wonderful product called Texture Magic and another class on needle punch embroidery.  I learned so much and Jeane thinks we should come back next year and take more classes—I agree.

Finished up the classes just at lunch time and headed to downtown Billings to a favorite place of ours, Bin 119.  We both ordered Ruebens, delicious!!  Then it was off to run some errands—you know the kind—craft stores, Coldwater Creek, and of course the quilt store, Fiberworks.  Costco was our final stop before heading home. 

It was a fabulous day spent with a very good friend, too fun!

Michael made it home with his new truck and is very pleased.  Emmi was just glad when both her people got home!



  1. I love the colours in that picture! I hope the new truck will work out great.

  2. no picture of the 'new to you new truck?'

  3. Oh my gosh, today's blog by a female. No truck pictures ! If it had been quilting or a new baby there would have been pictures. :) wahhhh

  4. Sounds like you had a perfect day - I know another quilter who'd have loved a day like that!

  5. I bet you slept well last night. The classes sound fun. I might take some more cake decorating ones down south this winter.

    Yes I want to see a picture of your new truck too.

    Take Care


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