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Friday, September 30, 2011

Is Email A Good Thing

A long time ago when email had first started to be a means of communication a friend said to me, “I hate email!”  What was so surprising about this comment was that Lyn was an attorney, a powerful executive for a copper mine—she received 100’s of emails per day.  Lyn said she hated email because people would say things in an email that they wouldn’t dare say in person or on the phone.  Lyn has a point for sure!  Judy over at Patchwork Times, wrote an excellent blog today entitled  Tolerance In Blogland.  Think about it the next time you want to leave a not very nice comment on someone’s blog—would you say that to the person’s face??

Why waste your time reading a blog when you never agree with anything the person says??  Why waste your time leaving nasty comments??  I read very little news and I don’t watch TV—do I have my head in the sand, nope, I am well aware of what is going on in our screwed up country but I don’t spend my day stressing out over it.  I don’t spend time stressing out over what someone else may have written in a blog—it’s their blog, let them write what they want.  If you don’t like it write your own blog or go read someone’s with which you agree!

OK, with that said!  Michael spent the day working on his road project and I spent the day quilting and sewing—what more could a girl ask for?? 

How about dinner out in town with friends, Terry & Jill along with Jeane & Steve!  We tried out the newest bar/restaurant to open in Big Timber, The Thirsty Turtle.  Huge burgers that were quite good! 

The smoke was very thick in the air tonight as we were driving home, very thick.  I pray every day for a west wind!smoke

IMG_0882 The lengths we will go to for entertaining the dog!  Michael was rolling this big roll of pipe out of the back of the truck this morning and Emmi thought it was a big bad something out to get her.


  1. amen to that! as for comments..I can remember reading an anonymous one that stated he/she was tired of reading the 'froufrou' comments that always patted the blog writer on the back..but like you said if you don't like someone's blog or their style or writing or their opinions..don't read it!!..I for one like reading about your life in Montana!..have a great weekend!..hope the smoke blows the other way!!

  2. Sure hope that smoke clears by the 21st or we will never find our way down your road.

  3. Well said...a blog is almost like someone's diary or memoir. Why would anyone criticize such personal writing. there are lots of blogs out there and everyone should find the ones they like.

    Love the picture of Emmi with the pipe. It does look big and scary. Sure hope the smoke and fire go away soon.

  4. Emmi is so like our Rylie - she barks at anything different even when folks put out garbage cans on the street once a week for pickup. She goes nuts barking at them because she figures they shouldn't be there.

    As for the nasty emails, I get some but they certainly don't bother me all that much. I guess if I'm going to publish a public blog then I have to expect some sort of abuse on occasion.

    I do believe that folks should keep things civil though and there's no need for foul language either.

  5. Howdy J&M,
    Jim sure is playing with Emmi!! The
    roll of hose is chasing her and itz BIG!! My Charley would be UNDER the truck or RV barking at it!! Did the pick-up get fixed?? Itz not in the shop, anymore... Where is all of the smoke coming from; a wildfire?? Your
    wind is supposed to be from the West!

    Hoping for CLEAR SKIES for y'all!!

    You're just too kind, because you're a rancher... Good heart!!!

    butterbean carpenter
    RunningStar Ranch
    Coleman county


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