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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Icefield Parkway to Jasper

The trains were quiet or we slept through the noise until about 3am, then we were both awake. One of those nights where I worked all night—I had a dinner party planned for lunch and dinner and was running around in my dreams trying to still decide what to cook when all my guests invited and uninvited showed up.  I was exhausted when I woke up.  And, in the midst of all that party planning stuff I dreamed we had an earthquake—probably one of those trains I heard and felt in my dreams! 

We pulled out of the RV site just after 7pm, drove across the street into a parking lot and hooked up the jeep.  Off we went up and up out of Golden through the usual construction zones and into Yoho National Park, then up the road JB said was one of the most beautiful we would ever drive, the Icefield Parkway.  He was right!  IMG_0487 IMG_0480 So gorgeous, saw another bear right by the road and this herd of elk in the strangest placeIMG_0495 We had talked of stopping at a provincial park near Hinton but it was only noon when we hit there.  Continued on until almost to Grand Cache where we stopped at the Pierre Grey’s Lakes Provincial Park.  We are so totally unfamiliar with Canada and boondocking so we head to the provincial parks for space and scenery.  The parks are expensive, $23 for a spot—no amenities other than free firewood!  And no trains! IMG_0505

Michael built a great fire and we cooked dinner on the fire ring grill—scallops, potatoes/onions/squash in a foil packet and green beans.  YUM!  After dinner we took a walk out onto an island accessible by a floating dock.  We disturbed a big bird sitting on a nest, seems a strange time of year to be on a nest??, need some help here Judy IMG_0525

IMG_0504 IMG_0531

I just finished reading the best book, Left Neglected about a woman who sustains a brain injury causing her to lose all sense that there is anything “left.”  If someone is standing on her left side she doesn’t know they are there, can’t even hear them speak until they move to her right side.  She and her husband change their priorities after her injury.  Very good book!

IMG_0501 Emmi looks happy doesn’t she!


  1. Looks like that Icefield Parkway is for sure one to put on our list! You got some GREAT photos.... and I swear Emmi is SMILING in that last one!

    Karen and Steveio
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. I am reading the same book on my KOBO..I put it away for a while and read Memory Keeper's Daughter..I guess I will need to go back to it now that you have said it is worthy of reading to the end!..
    Emmie is so cute!! her pink accesories!!


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