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Monday, September 5, 2011

We Depart Our Premium Campsite

We debated all day yesterday the merits of leaving our great campground on Labor Day or waiting a day until all the working/schooling folks are back at it.  This morning I mentioned that by Friday of this week I needed to be either in a full service campground so I could use the washer/dryer onboard or I needed to be somewhere near a laundromat.  I guess Michael took that to mean today would be just as good—so off we went for Golden and the local municipal campground.  A great little spot on the Kicking Horse River with electric, water, laundromat and free WiFi!!! IMG_0470 IMG_0467 With the exception of one thing—just across the river behind the motorhome is this--IMG_0471 See the train, we are right beside a switching yard—lots of noise!  Oh, well, it is for one night and then we are on our way.

Yesterday we drove what is called the Golden Triangle—from Radium Hot Springs to Golden to Lake Louise and back to Radium.  It was one of those driving trips Mr. Clark is famous for but the scenery was beautiful.  We’ve been to Banff, Lake Louise, etc. many years ago in the days before our RVing started.  IMG_0466 Tomorrow we are off for parts north—probably Hinton or Grand Cache.

Congratulations John and Brenda on the birth of your new grandson.  We will look forward to seeing lots of photos!


  1. That is a great drive although I have never done it in one day.

    The new baby is great and Grandma is OK too.

    We are hooking up and heading somewhere on Thursday morning, not sure where yet but that will come to us. So we will be watching your travels to make sure we cross trails.

  2. Beautiful photos again - you sure are getting great weather.

    Golden? Yup - lots of trains going through there in a day. We camped in Revelstoke for a night and there were a lot of trains roaring through there as well.

    Safe travels tomorrow!

  3. It is amazing how many campgrounds are near an active railroad line. We have come to accept it as almost normal.

  4. the campground that we were at this weekend..guess what?..trains and lots of them at all hours of the day and night!..seems to be the norm!

  5. Wow, Beautiful Scenery. Train too.

  6. Very pretty country.......Trains don't bother us much and we too have parked by a bunch of them..
    travel safe and we'll ride along!!

  7. I almost kind of miss the distant train whistles in the night. No trains anywhere near where we live in Bayfield and the only times we hear them are basically when we are either traveling to or from the West. I grew up just a few hundred yards from a rail line so train whistles are in my make up. Oh how I remember some of that great scenery you are seeing. I do remember a particularly tough winding stretch of Trans Canada highway just outside of Golden too. You just might be hanging the rear end of your coach out over some wide open spaces on a few of those tight curves and corners.


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