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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Michael and I enjoyed a nice meal at a place in Grande Cache last night and drove around the little town.  There was a very pleasant municipal park with full hookups, reasonably priced.  The grocery store was not so reasonably priced!  Two bags, $53 Canadian!

Back home at the rig one Emmi dog was glad to see her people, howling her displeasure at being left alone! 

Today my dear husband really slept in and I got in some great reading time, drinking my coffee.  I just read The Kite Runner—I read books way too fast making it kind of an expensive hobby!  I’ve always been a reader even since grade school—my teachers struggled to find me enough new stuff to read in our little small school library.  Our friend Mary in Spokane was kind enough to donate me several books—that one was a winner Mary!

After breakfast we took a hike and ran into another RVer who said she saw a grizzly bear the night before and we did notice bear scat on the trail.  Kept our eyes and ears open to say the least, of course our bear spray was back in the rig!

Kayak on top of the jeep again and we were off to the lake.  The loons put on quite the performance for us todayIMG_0562 IMG_0559 We paddled around for a while then headed back to the rig in preparation for pulling out before check out time.  This is another holiday type weekend for this area, the schools let out at noon on Friday and one of the Alberta folks told us the campground would fill with young families out for their last camping trip of the season.  And, since we are trying to catch up with John and Brenda—we decided to hit the road.  Tonight we are in Grande Prairie in a private campground with our air conditioners running—what’s up with that John???  Nice, new place with great wifi! 

IMG_0558 Since Michael didn’t dump me in the drink yesterday I decided to be brave and take the really good camera out with us today—the Canon with the 35x zoom—and I got the shot above.  IMG_0550  Another great day in Canada!


  1. sure sounds like you are enjoying your Canadian Holiday!!!

  2. How nice to be kayaking on a quiet Canadian lake with the sounds loons drifting over the water.

  3. We are coming your way today. That is if you stay put. We are an hour or so down the road and will get going as soon as Brenda approves it.

  4. Great shot of the 'loonie'!

    Looks like a nice spot for camping. Hope you are able to track down JB and Brenda somewhere in the wild.

    Watch out for those Grizzlies!! Bears seem to follow you around!

  5. I agree with Rick - you guys seem to be a bear magnet. Be safe. Love the loon pic. Looks beautiful there. Near 90 every day here in Billings.


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