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Friday, September 23, 2011

The New Sewing Machine

I think it is smarter than me!  If I could just remember how I did each step!!  It is smarter than me!!  A friend from up the road, Dava called me this morning.  She saw on Facebook where I had a new embroidery machine and had a project for me.  WHAT???  I haven’t even turned on the machine Dava!  I let her talk me into this small project involving embroidering some names onto cotton fabric, oh, and by the way she needs it by Saturday morning!

So, this afternoon I had no excuses and off I went to try the new machine.  Sewed some beautiful straight stitches, loaded the embroidery stuff, hit the sew button and promptly broke a needle.  YIKES!!!  Called the shop where I purchased the machine and she walked me through some steps—was able to get to sewing once again and I actually finished two of the names—only took me 3 hours!!! IMG_0825 Four more to go!

Emmi and I took a nice walk this morning, no billowing smoke early in the day but the smoke sure was hanging in the valleyIMG_0805


Michael worked over on the West Boulder all day today, didn’t come home until after 6pm.  It is just wonderful that he feels like working—a year ago this time he wasn’t feeling so great!

Went down late this afternoon to pick up the mail and geez, the smoke was really billowing then and I was able to get a great shot of one of the helicopters.IMG_0812 IMG_0819


  1. That is a great photo of the helicopter and its bucket.

    Your first project on the new machine looks pretty darn good!

  2. Great helicopter shot! Good job on the name stitching - looks very professional.

  3. I just read your comment on Judy's blog about Blue Bell ice cream...Have you heard-- Blue Bell IS in Florida, at least we can get here in West Palm Beach at Publix. I agree ... it is THE BEST! Have you seen their ads wih the singing cow? It is too funny!!!


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