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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Unloaded and Dishwasher Install

The motorhome is officially unloaded—the inside that is of anything that would freeze before we head south in December.  I should have counted the number of trips I made up and down those steps into the coach and the number I made up and down the stairs to the basement.  Just working off some of that Brenda food!

Our friend and neighbor Geoff came down this morning bringing goodies—my tomato plants that I left for them to enjoy while we were gone, leftover soup Nancy had made before she left for Hawaii :))), lettuce which I needed and best of all, some beautiful flowers Nancy grew--IMG_0793

Poor Michael worked most of the day installing the new dishwasher—about 4pm he ran a test load, success!  I think he made just as many trips up and down the basement stairs as I did and many trips out to the garage.IMG_0795 I cooked up a pot of soup and late this afternoon we headed into town to take dinner to Nat.  He isn’t feeling well—we were glad we did go in.

The US Forest Service is doing what is called a “prescribed burn” in the mountains very near our home.  I sure hope they keep their “prescribed burn” under control!  Our tax dollars are working hard, there are two huge helicopters parked in a field near here and on our way home tonight we passed probably 25 big trucks and pickups coming down the mountain from where the fire is burning.  Guess we can hope with all those resources the fire will remain under control.  IMG_2134

Our house sits just over that tree where the pale red “X” is located. 


  1. I know what you mean about trips in and out of the Motor Home. I started moving into the house today Yikes where did all of this stuff come from. I have only managed to get the bedroom and bathroom done so far. I also remember eating a lot of Janna food as well lol. Hope that burns stays under control

    Take Care

  2. I sure know what you mean when you talked about Mike's trips back and forth to the garage/workshop. Nice to get the dishwasher installed and working with no water spraying all over the place - good job!


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