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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome To Dogpound North

We were starting to wonder if Dogpound, Alberta, Canada really existed when everyone we met since arriving in Alberta would say “where??” when we told them we had friends living in Alberta.  But, it does exist and what a beautiful, peaceful spot Dogpound North really is.

The weather when we woke this morning was cool and gloomy—about 39 degrees or as I am in Canada, about 4 degrees!  We all decided if the weather was going to be crummy we might as well head to Dogpound where the camping was free! So off we went intending to stop for the day at Pembina River Provincial Park, nope, closed—nothing on their website and the Alberta Campground book I have said open until October 11—guess someone else was tired of the weather too?? 

When we stopped to fill the thirsty beasts Brenda suggested heading all the way home and we all agreed, pulling in to their place just before 6pm.  IMG_0636 Looks like we are parked on a golf course doesn’t it???  John spends a lot of time mowing the grass around here we think!

IMG_0637 John giving Michael the lay of the land and Meg hoping Michael has forgotten and throws a stick for her.

We had a nice light dinner at John and Brenda’s and we are all tucked into our quiet little spot for the night.

I sure hope those mountains John promised me show up tomorrow!


  1. Nice to be back into natural wide open spaces as opposed to those RV Parks I bet:))

  2. What a beautiful place John & Breanda have... I know you'll have a great time there visiting them!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. enjoy your stay at 'Dogpoound North'!!!..looks mighty fine!!..hope the sun comes out!

  4. I had to look up Dogpound on a map too just to make sure it actually existed. I always though JB was just pulling our leg!

    Enjoy your stay - looks like a great campsite.


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