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Monday, September 26, 2011

Off To Billings

Michael was perusing the Craigslist ads this morning and saw a truck he might like and so after lunch off we went headed to Billings, leaving Miss Emmi with Nat much to his delight.  I didn’t get much accomplished this morning except some phone calls and emails.

We bought the truck, a 2002 gasoline F250 Ford, an extended cab, plain Jane, Angie and Ralph type truck.  We gave our friends such grief over their plain Jane Dodge diesel pickup, complaining every time we got out of the truck, “oh, geez, we have to lock our own doors!”  This is the first gasoline powered truck Michael has owned in years and he is hoping to have better luck with it than with the diesels.  We will see.

Stopped at Billings RV to get some new light bulbs for the motorhome—I am so excited—while I very much enjoy boondocking I am also looking forward to having full hookups this winter.  A change in scenery and a change in the parking method!

A quick stop at Fiberworks, the quilt shop to pick up supplies for my class I am taking at the Billings Sewing Festival on Thursday then off to Jake’s for a wonderful dinner.  Costco then home.

The smoke is just about unbearably thick tonight, YUK, it is past time for this stupid “controlled burn” to end.

IMG_0858 Now Judy, I think this bird is a magpie and I’m pretty sure I have that one right!!IMG_0852 The smoke does make for pretty sunrises and sunsets.


  1. You guys need to come back up here and take lessons how to relax.

  2. We love Jake's. Their baseball cut sirloin is one of the best ever.

  3. Congrats on the new truck! Good catch on the Magpie too - confirmed by the Bird Lady!


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