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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Are Home

But maybe we should have stayed in Canada!!!  At least that’s what Michael said after we left the Quilted Hen Quilt Shop. 

We left the Great Falls RV park about 8:30am headed to Carter, MT, about 25 miles northeast.  There is nothing but a small store in Carter and a large sign telling you which way to turn for getting to the Quilted Hen.  About a mile up a gravel road there is another sign and you turn into their wheat farm.  Nothing but wheat fields for miles, nothing!IMG_0782 Nothing!

Except in the yard of their home is the quilt shopIMG_0783 IMG_0784 and what a quilt shop it is.  Diane, the owner, is the number one dealer for Pfaff sewing machines in Montana.  The shop is open, bright, welcoming and filled with gorgeous fabrics.IMG_0786 The two ranchers talking.IMG_0787

Out of curiosity I was looking at the new Pfaff Creative Sensation embroidery machine and the owner noticed.  She explained the price of the machine and I explained that I had absolutely no interest in a machine that cost that much!!!  Well, would I be interested in a pre-owned previous model, less than six months old with less than 30 hours of sewing on it??  Now, when I went into the store I purchased fabric, I had absolutely NO intention or interest in buying a new sewing machine, I like the machine I have, a Pfaff.  Diane explained that she has a group of customers, six women—when Pfaff introduces new machines, these ladies always trade in their previous machine and buy the new one even if the older machine was less than six months old!!!!  These ladies obviously have way more money than I do!!!! 

When Diane told me what she was willing to sell the pre-owned machines for I thought I needed a hearing aide!  I went and got Michael and we were both standing there when I asked her again—same answer.  We went out to the motorhome and talked about it, I called Gina and she agreed to purchase my machine and we walked out of the store with an amazing embroidery machine for an amazing price.  Michael said it would have been cheaper to stay in Canada!  I am so excited—can’t wait to try it out!IMG_0791

The ladies spent about a hour and a half giving me the basics, Emmi played with all the ranch dogs, then we headed on down the road arriving in Big Timber just about 4:30pm.  We stopped and visited with Nat a little, rolled up the driveway and unloaded the necessary stuff.

Brenda, you were right, that Canadian Costco chicken pot pie is delicious, Michael loved it and so did I!


We had a wonderful vacation and it is now wonderful to be home.


  1. Congratulations on your new Pfaff. I have had my CV for a couple years and I love it!

  2. Don't you just love it when those bargains just fall in your lap. No way you could say no after that. Glad you're home safe.

  3. WOW, that is sooo exciting. My sister quilts but I knit, although I keep thinking it's time to try. So for my birthday, I got a sewing machine as well! I found a Bernina 1230 on Ebay for a few hundred dollars less than the going price. Although my new machine was built in the early 90's. LOL. I am still extremely excited and that quilt shop looked gorgeous. Fabric is as addictive as yarn, I am sure!

  4. C'mon back we got a plug in for that new machine.

  5. I love those unexpected surprises when a great deal comes along...the machine is beautiful and I can't wait to see what you create with it.I could have spent hours in that store! K

  6. Even though I'm not a sewer, knitter, or quilter, I can understand your excitement. Now if it was a 500mm camera lens, I'd be jumping for joy. :)

  7. Great find on the new Pfaff Sewing machine. I'm sure Paulette would just love that Quilt Shop from the looks of it.


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