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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Wind Changed and An Update

IMG_0845 IMG_0841

IMG_0847 This is the scene to which we woke this morning—heavy, thick smoke.  The clothes we wore while walking Emmi actually smelled like smoke—YUK!  Hope this goes away soon or we may be firing up that motorhome again!

There is a black cloud hovering over our vehicles—the old ranch truck died yesterday too but at least it isn’t too difficult a fix—a slave cylinder???  I drove to town this afternoon and got a new one plus some groceries.

I finished Dava’s name embroidery project early this morning and she was up here just after 8am to pick them up.  The rest of the day I have puttered and quilted.

On our walk this morning Michael noticed some baling twine on the ground—he picked it up to take it to the stove.  Emmi kept jumping up trying to grab the wad of string and he finally threw it like a ball for her—she tried to “kill” it once she got her teeth into it.

IMG_0850 IMG_0848 

UPDATE:  And we saw a beautiful golden eagle this morning.  Judy (the bird lady of blogland) says this is not an eagle, dang it, it is a red tail hawk, I always get those confused, but whatever he was one big bird!IMG_0840 IMG_0832


  1. Um, are you sure that isn't a red-tailed hawk? :)

  2. Well, they're a couple nice bird pics anyway.

  3. No smoke up here. And the tour will be entirely different now that the leaves are

  4. That bird lady -- she knows all the birds! Excellent pics!

  5. Glad to see that Emmi took good care of the ball of twine - it really looked dangerous from here!

  6. Fall is a grand time of the year. We too are Loadin up!! Sure wish you would change your mind back and come to Arizona this winter...
    I always enjoy your blog and wish I could make mine so short.... But then I was thinkin, if I posted every day it probably would be short......'er! keep up the good work....


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