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Monday, September 12, 2011

And Michael Makes It To Peace River

After a leisurely morning, a trip to the pumps for some more fuel for the thirsty motorhome and some bug removal we were off towards our original destination, Peace River Valley, Alberta, Canada.  IMG_0583 Why Peace River??—when Michael and three of his buddies, Sarge, Royal and Glenn were all 17-18 years old they decided to try their luck at homesteading in the Peace River Valley of Canada.  After spending many hours out in the cold one night installing a transmission into Michael’s 1949 Ford they set out north.  Less than 50 miles from town they were stopped by a patrolman who informed them, “boys, your parents don’t think this is a good idea and you better turn around and go home.”  Someone told on them!!  Michael has always wanted to see the Peace River, so here we are.IMG_0584 And it looks like we are in Kansas and not Canada, too.  Lots of wheat fields and rolling hills—hey, what happened to the mountains??


The Peace River Valley—a huge river, John said it is the only river that crosses the Rocky Mountains.  We are camped in Dunvegan Historic Provincial Park right on the banks of the river.  We found another premium campsite, a double spot big enough for both our rigs with power hookups.  IMG_0591 John and Michael quickly sat down to solve the world’s problemsIMG_0589 We had a great afternoon just chatting and yakking.  John, Brenda and I walked down to visit the Dunvegan Gardens, a combination gift shop/Christmas shop/you pick garden/produce shop.  Beautiful things, Brenda and I got some local produce and a lessen in how not to conduct a business!

Brenda made wonderful hamburgers for dinner which we had with a spinach/raspberry salad and a caprese salad.  And since we ate so healthy we all walked back to the Gardens where an ice cream place just happens to be located!  IMG_0597 IMG_0596 Hey, we all had ice cream, I just happened to have the camera!  And we did walk to get the ice cream. 

More stories around the campfire and it was off to bed—another great day in Canada!


  1. Well I guess by definition it can't cross the Continental Divide but it is the only river that crosses entirely through the Rocky Mountains.

  2. nice looking ice cream cones!! least its not hot enough that they melt before your get them finished!!

  3. Hey, I noticed that the world seemed to have fewer problems this morning - guess JB and Michael did their job well. Thanks, guys!


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