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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Windmills and Wheat Fields

The horse went home to the barn.  Our tentative plans were to head toward Waterton-Glacier Park staying in a provincial park or a commercial RV park in Magrath.  The closer we got to those destinations the more Michael said, “we could be in Conrad, Montana by late afternoon,” then when I agreed to that and we approached Conrad, it was “we could be in Great Falls, MT by 6pm.”  So guess where we are!!!!  Our border crossing took us about 10 minutes—the usual questions and we were off with no problems. 

We will shop for a new dishwasher tomorrow—ours died right before we left home.  In exchange for my agreeing to come to Great Falls, Michael promised to let me go to the cool little quilt store, The Quilting Hen in Carter, MT on Tuesday.  Then we will head on home and be there by Tuesday evening.

We left John and Brenda about 10am this morning with hugs and promises to see you down the road.  We had a wonderful, wonderful time with John and Brenda, the best!  Drove to Cremona just up the road and dumped our tanks before getting on the road.

The wind is howling here in Great Falls which is entirely normal—Lonn and LoraLee lived here for many years. 

IMG_0771 IMG_0767 Emmi slept the day away—doesn’t she look comfortable??


  1. hahaha I knew it, you just can't stop those Cowboys. We are missing you three already. Glad you made it safe and sound.

    Take Good Care my friends

  2. Good thing we didn't try to surprise you in Beaver Mines

  3. Great Falls is definitely full of wind. Now if it's blowing in the right direction, it'll improve your fuel mileage. Safe travels.

  4. Emmi looks like she has the best seat in the house on wheels!

  5. Sure know what it is like when the smell of home gets in my nose. It's peddle to the metal until we get there. I have found that it is best for us to see things on our way west because once we begin heading east in the spring all's we want to do is get home and put our feet up. Of course, within a few weeks I'm ready to head out somewhere again:))

  6. Did you get any cool stuff at The Quilting Hen? K

  7. It's amazing what the little 'bribe' of going to a Quilt Shop will accomplish!

  8. Bummer to go back home. Looks like you missed out on an awesome pizza too!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. That's what the "coming home" part of our Alaska Highway trip was like. We'd get to one planned stopping place, and Don would say, "It's only 1 (or 2, or 3, or whatever), and we could be in ____ in a couple of hours." So we ended up going from Denali to Fairbanks to Dawson Creek in only 4 driving days. But it IS nice to be home.


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