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Friday, September 17, 2010

What Happened to Fall

BRRR—we were sitting in the clouds this morning and it was a cool 45 degrees with a cold mist.  In spite of that we took a walk down the driveway.  Lots of bear sign—poop with chokecherry seeds and downed limbs.Leaves rain

Michael was a little under the weather this morning and spent his time sitting in his recliner then advanced to the bed.  We are both so tired of this illness whatever it is.  While he is tremendously better as compared to a week ago, he still has a long way to go.

Gina and Rollie rolled in around 11:30 just in time for lunch—those Thurstons again!!  Seriously, yesterday and this morning were so hard for Gina and Rollie and we understood perfectly not even giving them a hard time for being so late.  They both made up for it tonight!!

Gina and I made a quick trip into town this afternoon—one to pick up a product called Retayne at the quilt shop—you wash quilting fabric with this product and it stops darker/brighter fabrics from bleeding or running onto the lighter ones.  I needed to wash Ellie’s fabric or so I thought until I got home and started to put everything in the washer—the fabric was folded wrong, and then I realized that Ellie had all ready washed and ironed it!!!  Oh, well, we at least picked up a full propane cylinder for Rollie and scored some fresh veggies from one of the members of the Hutterite colonies. 

The guys ran into problems installing the blue flame heater—it was brand new and it has a cracked fitting!!!  GRRR—but—Northern Tool was very accommodating when I called them—they will ship us a new one on Monday and send UPS to pick up the old one.

I am teaching Gina how to cut out quilting fabric—started her on the project my sweet sister Ann and my niece Niki sent me for my birthday.

Gina and Rollie brought up some absolutely melt in your mouth steaks—Rollie grilled those, we baked potatoes and had steamed green beans and sautéed asparagus—can you say “stuffed??”  It was a delicious dinner!

After dinner they treated us to photographs of their garden and yard in Louisiana—Gina has created a beautiful memorial garden to their son Rollie Joseph. 

They have headed back down the hill to their home and as I write this it is about 45 degrees outside and there is thunder/lightening/pouring rain—strange weather we are having!!!


  1. I skipped dinner tonight - those steaks sound wonderful - and the baked potatoes - and the asparagus! Sounds like you had a nice day.

  2. I'm glad Gina and Rollie can be there with you two. Hope the new heater arrives quickly so you can start enjoying that motor home.

    Hugs to all!

  3. Gosh you made my mouth water with your description of supper! Yummmmmmmm Not sure what I am making for supper tonight, but it might have to be steaks and baked potatoes?

    Bugger on the cracked heater, but much better to find out now during install, than waiting till you are out and about and have dangerous fumes leaking inside your rig!

    We are sitting roasty toasty in our rig right now with the catalytic heater going on low. If we turn it to med or hi we get cooked outta here. It only got to 50 last night, so we are comfortable at that. You guys are the ones that inspired us to put that heater in that same location on your old rig. We would have never thought of it there, Thanks!
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Tell Rollie and Gina that your 45 degree weather is a major heat wave compared to here. It was down to 28 last night and we have all the heaters roaring this morning.


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