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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Trip To Billings

Dropping Emmi at Nat’s around 10am we headed to Billings for a day of errands, no appointments.  First stop was Billings RV to pick up caulk for our roof—when it rained so hard last week we had a leak around one of the air conditioners. 

Big R was next in line.  I needed some new jeans and this ranch/farm/garden store has a huge line of jeans.  Off to the dressing room I went with an armload of jeans and as usual when trying to buy pants I encountered my pet peeve—if it says “size 8” why can’t it fit like a “size 8” and why can’t all women’s jeans that say “size 8” be a “size 8” no matter what the brand????  In spite of all the groaning and moaning in the dressing room I was successful in finding two pair that I could wear and at the price, that was all I wanted to afford today!

We then went to look at a used truck and boy was that a scary process—the guy owning the truck was high as a kite on something and really needed to sell that truck I am assuming so he could go buy his next round!  I didn’t even get out of the truck and was silently encouraging Michael to get his rear back in the truck so we could leave!

After that experience, we needed lunch and decided to try a new place, Jake’s.  It really isn’t new—it has been in this location for a couple years and many, many years in a downtown location.  Our meal was excellent, we will go back!

Petsmart, Costco and last but not least Wal Mart.  By that time we were more than ready to head to Big Timber, retrieve Emmi and go home.  We are unloaded into the house but not put away—I’ll do that tomorrow. 

Chokecherries and rain Chokecherries in the rain this week.  There are no more chokecherries, Gina and Rollie’s bear and his cronies have eaten all the berries. 


  1. I don't think I've ever been a size 8, so can't sympathize with you there! :)

  2. Sorry that our bear ate all of the chokecherries. However, we are still glad that they were there. Otherwise it would not have been one of many highlights we enjoyed while in Montana. It will still be a lifetime memory for us. I will still be thanking you and Mike for a long time to come. Maybe one day we'll have the words to describe our experience adequately. We miss Y'all
    Rollie & Gina

  3. I wish I was a size "8"....but that will never happen. Hope Michael is feeling a LOT BETTER!!
    Rollie and Gina are all settled in. We had a cool, rainy day yesterday but it is supposed to be beautiful today. The Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup is this weekend and the weather will be spectacular. We'll post lots of pictures on our Blogs.

  4. It's kind of funny about store sizes. I've bought sneakers at Costco for years at size 8 1/2 that fit perfectly, Now, I need to buy a size 10 of the same exact brand for them to fit. Either the shoe sizes are getting smaller or my feet are getting bigger, I don't know which!!

  5. Ohhh better that Gine and Rollie's bear eat the chokecherries than eat YOU! right?

    Karen and Steve
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