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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Enough Is Enough

My poor, poor Michael.  He was up and down most of the night in terrible pain, is it ever going to end?  It will be three weeks tomorrow that all this started.  We changed medications yesterday and this particular med has nasty side effects.  Today he has not moved far from between the recliner and the bed.  His constant pain is much relieved today but he still can’t use his arms without pain.  I just want him to be better please God.

I haven’t accomplished much today—I’ve tried to nap too.  Trimmed Emmi’s hair around her eyes so she could see, hauled some firewood from up in the pasture to the house—the good ole weather man is predicting possible snow tomorrow night and cleaned the house a little.  I have been trying to get a quilt on the frame too. 

Noticed these strange clouds over the West Boulder mountains this morning while out walking with Emmi.Strange clouds


  1. I'm sending good wishes for Michael to feel better soon. I know it's hard on both of you when one is in pain. Hopefully every day will be better and better.

  2. We are both sending healing prayers & best wishes to Michael and know that he will be better soon...Hugs to you both and little Emmi too.

  3. That sure is a strange thing about Michael's wrist. You would think in this day & age of medical achievements, knowledge & accomplishments, that this problem would have been rectified from the very start. Our thoughts go out to you guys in this time of difficulty & hopefully this wrist problem will soon be taken care of. Better get onto those medical people.....hard!!


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