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Monday, September 13, 2010

Not Much Going On

Hip, hip hooray—we got the title for the motorhome—the UPS man brought it about mid morning along with my 1000 watt hairdryer I ordered from Brookstone.  Hairdryers cause an enormous power draw on generators and you really don’t need 1800 watts to dry your hair!

Michael is still improving just a tiny bit each day—the swelling is down significantly in his right hand and wrist this evening.

I spent the day doing laundry and quilting.  Finished up a little quilt and now all I have to do is sew the binding on. 

Made homemade pizza for dinner and Michael finished off Mom’s cherry cheesecake.  I bought some peaches at Costco the other day and they are really good—I had one of those with a little ice cream for dessert.

I have been looking for a new electric blanket for our bed here at home for a while—when we wandered into Costco the other day there was a huge display of electric blankets—although these days they are called warming blankets.  Whatever—I put the new blanket on the bed today—probably won’t need to try it out tonight—it was a beautiful, gorgeous day.

When we took our late evening walk last night we realized the firewood fairy had been back—they must have snuck  up while Michael was sleeping and I was quilting in the basement yesterday.  What would we do without good friends??firewood

Crazies2 View of the Crazy Mountains a few days ago when all the mountains around us had new snowfall. 


  1. What a wonderful view of the Crazy Mountains! A stack of firewood just makes you feel warm inside, as do good friends. :)

  2. Now you have that title, you can head north. You are always welcome here on our northern ranges but maybe bring along some of that nice weather you are having also. Feels like winter is not far off here, though we have hopes for a great Indian summer.

  3. So nice to see your friends taking care of you. I get a chokedup feeling in the throat seeing the piles of wood. I grew up in a house that heated with wood, so I know what a pile of wood means to you! Glad Michael is doing better and better! ---

    Karen and Steve
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