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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today Is A Good Day

Dang it’s cold—cloudy, what happened to summer or at least fall???  I wore a jacket to Big Timber this morning.

It is a good day today, Michael got up this morning saying, “I feel better than I have in weeks.”  His pain is lessened and he seems to have a little more movement.  We visited the Big Timber clinic this morning seeing a physician—let me tell you, if my husband hadn’t needed to see a doctor, I would have gotten up and walked us out in the first minute, (sorry Mary).  The physician’s attitude—he hadn’t bothered to read Michael’s chart, and upon listening to Michael and I describe his symptoms said, “what do you want me to do about it?”  I got a little grouchy sounding with him and he began to be a little more personable.  He stated rightfully so that the ER at St. Vincent’s had done a thorough work up and that he was not a specialist—we needed to see a rheumatologist and started the ball rolling for a referral.  In one aspect he was a huge help explaining to Michael the necessity of taking larger doses of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, getting an accumulation built up—something Michael’s wife had tried to explain and gotten nowhere!  But his bedside manner could use some sprucing for sure!!!  And read your patient’s charts before you come in the room!!

Michael was feeling well enough for us to call Jill and suggest lunch.  We went to the newer restaurant in town, Del Norte Cuisine, pretty fancy name for Big Timber, huh!!  Jill brought me a birthday card and a much appreciated gift certificate to the local quilt shop.  We both enjoyed just being out and Jill’s company is always good!

When we got home I stirred up a batch of bread dough and talked to the state of ID about our missing in action title.  As it stands now, we should have a title by Monday of next week.  We aren’t happy but there isn’t a dang thing we can do about it except file a complaint against the dealership which I am going to do. 

I started working on a special quilt today and made some progress!  Got my Aunt’s and her friend Marti’s quilts mailed today, too. 

Thank you to all our friends and family for the thoughts and prayers sent Michael’s way—we appreciate it so much.  


  1. Glad to hear that Micheal woke up feeling some what better. Know that we will continue to pray for him and his speedy recovery. Sure do miss y'all and wish y'all could have traveled here to Canada with us. WOW, can't believe the hassle with the motorhome title. Hope it gets resolved soon. Take care and know our thoughts are with y'all

  2. We're really glad that Michael is feeling better and that he is going to see a rheumatologist. I'm sure they can find out what is causing his pain. We're still praying for Michael's hands.
    Hugs...............Pat and Mike


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