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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Caramel Apple Jam and A Trip

We are in the clouds again with a misty rain falling, very cool temps.  Took our walk then I spent the morning making 14 half pints of caramel apple jam.  Had a few apples left over and made an apple tart.

Since we don’t have the Explorer any more we have been trying to decide if we even need another vehicle and if so, what vehicle.  Today we went over to Livingston and drove a 2000 Jeep Wrangler—and that’s not the vehicle for us.  This particular Jeep had been driven here from New Hampshire and had lots of rust, photos can be so deceiving!

Tonight we went to George and Shirley’s for a welcome home to them party and to eat some of the wonderful salmon they brought home from Vancouver Island.  Our usual crowd of friends were there; Geoff & Nancy, Boo & Terry and Claire & Robyn.  Great food, great wine and great friends.

Emmi was home alone while we were gone and was a good little dog.  No photos tonight, too tired.


  1. I think I could get into canning more if I had your cool temps. IT IS AWFUL here. Go outside and wrangle a cloud and send it our way. Love ya - Niki

  2. Caramel apple jam sounds lucious! Mmmm :)

  3. Yep, Jeep Wranglers aren't for everybody that's for sure. They don't make a whole lot of good darn sense in the main stream of things so it's either love em or hate em. I just happen to love my silly little Jeep:))

  4. Yah, when we were looking at Trackers, the FIRST one we looked at was the best, and all set up for towing! But Steveio wanted to look at more... after 100's of miles chasing around 4 duds that looked good in pics, we went back and bought the FIRST one!

    (me... a mere woman... said let's buy the FIRST one when we first went and looked at it, but what do **I** know, huh?)

    Karen and Steve
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