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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Day

Michael was up and down, down and up all night, I think we finally slept from about 2am until 6am.  We are seeing another doctor on Wednesday morning.  The gout medication we tried yesterday made no difference in his symptoms whatsoever. 

I spent the day receiving birthday wishes, quilting and napping.  Michael and Emmi spent the day napping.

My dear sister and my sweet niece sent me the bestest birthday present—a Christmas quilt book and the fabric to make one of the wall hangings shown in the book, a great present. 

Kelly, my Kansas City friend, who in spite of the fact has been dealing with a seriously ill mother this past week, sent me a great gift—new flip flops and a pedicure kit—I am all set for Arizona now! 

I have the best of friends and family, I really do!  I received many, many cards and lots of phone calls.  Gemma came over late this afternoon also in spite of dealing with major family issues to bring me a sweet little present that was just perfect—quilting note cards and  quilting socks. 

Now, if I could just get my dear husband well!  Last Friday when we went to meet Laurie and Odel in Big Timber we started out in the Ford truck, got several miles up the road and blew the turbo hose off.  Limped back home, got the car and went to town.  The truck has just sat, Michael couldn’t put the hose back on in his condition.  Lonn and Lora Lee came over tonight, put the hose back on and I cooked dinner—marinated steaks and salmon, YUM!

And to end this blog tonight on a funny note—my sweet niece Niki has two little girls of her own, the youngest Leah will be the death of us all—here is her latest from her Mom’s Facebook page:

“This weekend, Leah came to me after her sister Elizabeth had yelled at her and had been quite mean. Leah: “Mom did you have any brothers or sisters?”  Me: “No”  Leah: “Wow, you must have had lots of peace and kindness”  Out of the mouths of babes!!! 

Thanks to all my friends for the great Facebook birthday wishes, too!  It has been a good day!

Here is the quilt I finished today for Marti:

Marti Thimbleberry Lazy Crazy quilt Marti Thimbleberry Lazy Crazy detail quilt


  1. Happy Birthday Janna. If only Mike would get better I guess that would be the best gift!

  2. happy happy birthday!!..hope you had a good day..nice quilt.!!!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday Janna.....hope you have many, many more. So sorry to hear Michael is still having so much pain. We'll keep praying the pain will go away. Hugs...........Pat

  4. Hope Mike gets some good answers today and feels better soon. Glad you had a nice birthday in spite of your hubby feeling so poorly. Big HUGS to you both today!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Janna, first - happy birthday! The love of your friends and family are a reflection of what a wonderful person YOU are.

    Reading the updates on Michael made me realize that he must have been in quite some pain when you met us for lunch. We appreciate the visit SO much - it was the highlight of our day. I hope one of the docs will be able to come up with a treatment that works - and fast!

  6. Happy (belated) Birthday! =)

    Such a beautiful quilt!!!!

    Thanks for sharing this update with us.


  7. Here's hoping Mike can shake that pain, and a belated Happy Birthday to you.


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